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Singaporean activists call for the halt of arms trade with Israel amid allegations of genocide in Palestine

Singaporeans rally at Gardens by the Bay, urging an end to arms trade by the Singapore Government with Israel amid allegations of genocide. Activists highlight the urgent need for action as they face restrictions on peaceful assembly.



SINGAPORE: On Monday evening, a group of Singaporean activists staged a peaceful demonstration at the iconic Gardens by the Bay, advocating for an immediate cessation of arms trade with Israel.

This comes in the wake of severe allegations of genocide by Israeli forces in Gaza, as claimed by the South African Government at the International Court of Justice and the continued massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

The local activists, who convened at 7:15 pm at the Skyway in Gardens by the Bay, expressed their solidarity with the global initiative, A15, which has called for an economic blockade in 50 cities worldwide.

Their aim is to draw attention to what they describe as the global economy’s indifference to ongoing human rights abuses.

According to the demonstrators, over the last six months, the conflict has resulted in over 33,000 Palestinian deaths and more than 75,000 injuries, with widespread destruction across Gaza’s infrastructure, including hospitals and schools.

Reports from organizations like Doctors Without Borders indicate severe restrictions on medical supplies and attacks on aid workers, exacerbating the crisis.

The group criticized the Singaporean government’s continued engagement in arms trade with Israel, highlighting that between 2018 and 2022, Singapore imported approximately US$73 million worth of military equipment from Israel, making it the tenth largest customer of Israeli defense products.

The demonstrators pointed out that such dealings undermine Singapore’s humanitarian contributions to Palestine and perpetuate the violence they are intended to alleviate.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has previously expressed concern over the Palestinian plight and supported U.N. resolutions for a ceasefire and humanitarian aid. However, the protestors argue that these measures fall short as long as Singapore continues its arms trade with Israel.

The activists called on Lawrence Wong, the incoming prime minister, to leverage his upcoming leadership transition on 15 May as an opportunity to redefine Singapore’s stance on this issue.

They stressed that ending arms trade with Israel would align with the moral and ethical concerns of the Singaporean people, as outlined in numerous communications with government officials, including emails, letters, and online campaigns.

The demonstration also highlighted the challenges faced by Singaporeans in exercising their rights to freedom of speech and assembly, citing the restrictive nature of the Public Order Act.

Under this legislation, even small, peaceful gatherings — such as an one-man protest — without a police permit can be considered unlawful, attracting fines of fined up to S$5,000 (US$3,657).

The statement also pointed out that members of the public had tried to organize peaceful and lawful demonstrations at Hong Lim Park, only to be told that the authorities would deny even this severely restricted right to freedom of assembly.

“We have no choice but to escalate our efforts to draw attention to our urgent demands. You cannot ignore us now,” wrote the activists.

As of now, there has been no official response from the police regarding the demonstration, and the event has not been covered by mainstream media in Singapore, where civil liberties are often tightly regulated.

The demonstrators ended their gathering with a call for global solidarity and an end to all forms of oppression, stating, “We are not free until Palestine is free.”

This incident comes at a time when international scrutiny of Israel’s actions in Gaza has intensified, and global calls for accountability and an end to the violence continue to grow.

The full statement can be seen on the petition put up on

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Someone seems to be busy thumbing down everyone, hor. Any guess who that might be???

This sort of protest guaranteed done by chow FTs lah.
Sinkie already no job becos taken by such kind, where got time to protest against what arms sale, Gaza,Palenstinian or Israeli shit issue?😆😆😆😆

I have mostly refrained from commenting on the Israel-Hamas conflict because of its emotive nature. And that is why no protest of any nature is allowed even at Hong Lim. And I agree with the ruling. But, I will not keep mum about those activists with their idiocy. To these activist idiots, please do not bring your activism to Singapore. So, the next thing, will you block the AYE or CTE to do your protest as what is happening in the US? I hope the Police act against these trouble makers – yes, to me they are trouble makers. Singapore… Read more »

Why Shamni very slow to identify and deal with such activists, but very fast and harsh dealing with ELECTED opposition members in parliament who are simply asking the right questions?

Recall local Indian shouted at expat Indian at Pasir Ris park for not wearing mask during covid period; local Indian was called up & issued a stern warning but SPF “cannot locate” the expat. So efficient, hor. Isn’t not wearing mask at that time a possible jail and fine offense? So obvious there are at least 2 sets of laws in SG.

Throw them in jail…if they are foreigners or jail them n ban them for life from entering this peaceful island we have build

Just arrest all this CB kia..they and their selective message. They forgot to mention the other nations that are going through the same fate? Throw their a55es in jail.

They must truly and deeply believe in their “cause”, … no matter how ill, badly or mis~informed they may be !!! Perhaps, … that’s just the way of the world, with it’s people and their allegiances and beliefs. All shaped and sorted, … at the very least, from platforms and sources, again, based on their specific allegiances and beliefs !!! So, … how d’ya give them an alternative view or image to consider or even, contemplate reconsideration. But, … if they’re “closed~in” and share those views with similar and supportive “like minded” people, then that “alternative view” won’t even get… Read more »

If countries are sincere in stopping the genocide in Gaza, there must be additional steps taken against the Zionist govt. What is the point of mimicking the West ? There is no solution. Dropping food using airplanes because the Zionists refuse land entry only shows the disregard to humanity by the Zionists. If, as the Public is led to believe , the relationship with the Zionists is so good why is the govt. using Jordan’s air force to deliver food in Gaza? Why is the West on its knees cowering to the Zionists. This includes regrettably our own govt. 7… Read more »

Why these morons very quiet on what’s happening in Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Myanmar, India, Tibet, etc.? Police must look into this as unlawful assembly, illegal protest, disturbing the public peace, being a nuisance in a public place, and foreign intervention if any are non-Singaporeans. Any non-Singaporeans found should be deported asap to preserve our racial-religious-social harmony.

These young punk college kids aping their kind in the West and ME are looking for trouble.
They thought it is hype and cool to join them without much indepth on facts and knowledge.
The West is mostly instigated by their college professors and lecturers who are muslims pro hamas.