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Israeli strike kills three sons of Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh

An Israeli airstrike in Gaza killed three sons and four grandchildren of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, intensifying the conflict and impacting ceasefire talks.



In a heartrending incident amidst ongoing conflict, an Israeli airstrike on Wednesday in the Gaza Strip resulted in the deaths of three sons and four grandchildren of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh.

This tragic event, confirmed by both the Palestinian Islamist group and Haniyeh’s family, has sent shockwaves through the region. The Israeli military, acknowledging the operation, labelled the three sons as operatives within Hamas’s armed faction.

The strike targeted the vehicle carrying Hazem, Amir, and Mohammad in Gaza’s Al-Shati camp, marking a sorrowful chapter for the family. In response to inquiries about the grandchildren’s deaths, the Israeli military stated it had “no information on that right now.”

Ismail Haniyeh, who is currently based in Qatar and has been a key figure in Hamas’s international diplomacy, responded to the tragedy with a profound statement to Al Jazeera TV, “The blood of my sons is not dearer than the blood of our people.”

A recorded video captured the moment Ismail Haniyeh learned of his sons’ and grandchildren’s deaths, showing him responding with “may God have mercy on them” before resolutely continuing with his activities.

The attack occurred as the family gathered in Shati, their home refugee camp in Gaza City, during the first day of the Muslim Eid al-Fitr holiday.

Amidst these circumstances, Haniyeh has articulated a firm stance on the Israeli ceasefire proposal. “Our demands are clear and specific and we will not make concessions on them. The enemy will be delusional if it thinks that targeting my sons at the climax of the negotiations and before the movement sends its response will push Hamas to change its position,” Haniyeh stated, signalling unwavering resolve even in the face of personal tragedy.

As Gaza endures the seventh month of a devastating conflict, Hamas’s demands centre on ending Israeli military operations and allowing displaced Palestinians to return home.

In a poignant expression of grief and pride, Abdel-Salam Haniyeh, the eldest son of Ismail Haniyeh, took to Facebook to acknowledge the martyrdom of his brothers and their children, writing, “Thanks to God who honoured us by the martyrdom of my brothers, Hazem, Amir and Mohammad and their children.”

Since taking the helm of Hamas in 2017, Ismail Haniyeh has strategically manoeuvred between Turkey and Qatar’s Doha, evading the travel limitations imposed by Israel on the besieged Gaza.

This mobility has facilitated his pivotal role in the latest ceasefire discussions and in maintaining dialogue with Iran, Hamas’s principal ally. Israel categorically considers all of Hamas’s leadership as terrorists, explicitly accusing Haniyeh and his counterparts of orchestrating operations of the Hamas terrorist network.

The extent of Haniyeh’s prior knowledge regarding the Oct. 7 assault by Gaza militants on Israel remains ambiguous. The operation, meticulously planned by Hamas’s military council in Gaza, was kept so confidential that even some Hamas leaders outside of Gaza were taken aback by its scope and timing.

In the aftermath of the Israeli strike that resulted in the deaths of three of Haniyeh’s children and four grandchildren, Basem Naim, a senior Hamas official, criticized Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

He accused Netanyahu of exerting every effort to thwart any possibility of a ceasefire agreement. According to Naim, Netanyahu faces immense pressure from the United States, the global community, and the Israeli public, prompting him to employ “all other dirty tools,” including targeting the families of Hamas leaders, in his strategies.

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Reminds me the good old days of the favourite American wholesome family TV show in the early 60s.

Starring Fred MacMurray.

It’s a setting on warm ties family relationship about a single parent father bringing up his 3 sons with their ages ranging from the eldest a young youthful adult to the youngest a teenager together with their family uncle and home maker.

Contrast this with the 3 sons of hamas leader bringing them up with guns violence and hatred ideology.

September 11 the Pope is coming to Singapore.

Good! I trust the Pope.

There is no place for terrorism or terrorists.

Remember Sept 2011 and 7th October 2023

Gaza was a peaceful place to live before Hamas started attacking Israel on 7th October.(anyway Hamas do not care whether Palestinians died or not or else they will surrender all the hostages)

Israel has facilitated the delivery of more than 18,400 tons of medical supplies to Gaza since Hamas attacked Israel. On March 2, Israel also delivered 50 incubators for hospitals across Gaza. Israel has facilitated the entrance of 74 ambulances to Gaza and more than a million vaccine doses.

Indonesia is now reported establishing diplomatic relations with Israel. While on the Middle East front, Egypt is not accepting Gazan refugees. Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Saudi also refuse to grant citizenship to West Bankers knowing they are trouble makers and terrorists. For them these nations thought it would be better to wash their hands clean by letting them remain in these enclaves for Israel to handle. So nobody wants these dangerous refugees. Maybe jessie and pikuchoo would want and provide them with a safe haven in their homes to live in so Israel cannot commit genocide on them. When pope… Read more »

There is no place for terrorism.

It was peaceful all the time. Put hunger and food aside. Palestinians was given a place called Gaza to live but they chose to build tunnels and militarized hospitals in order to kill all Israelis.

No one has deprived them of food before the Hamas attack. Stop playing victim cards

My religious head pope Francis invited the relatives of the Israeli hostages to Vatican 2 days ago.

During that meeting, the pope condemns hamas and describes them as evil and bad guys.

There we have it.

My pope and I share opposite views on hamas and the genocide it committed on their own people.

MOSSAD hit squad in stealth operation to hamas :

From the river to the sea
All your underground tunnels will be flooded into the sea.

” You can run but you can’t hide “.

Israel are committing genocide? Then why U.S and Israel are providing aid?

Start repenting now before more will see their 72 virgins.

Just thinking if (and a big IF) Israel really want to commit genocide, then why they used a precision strike on specific target(s)? Why not just carpet bomb the suspected location (say 1000 x 1000 m) using cheap iron bombs, since genocide means intentional killing more is the purpose.


It’s just a matter of time.

jessie will scram out another condolence of him.

Like that, cho lang eh Song Boh …?? tsk tsk tsk

When Hamas terrorists killed sons and daughters of Israelis on 7 Oct without mercy, recording their vile terror and streaming it online, the Gazans/Palestinians REJOICED and CELEBRATED. Shouldn’t the IDF now stream the footage from the PGM cameras showing how they hit these 3 sons of Hamas leader, and let Israelis rejoice and dance in the streets in reply?

Just saying fair is fair, right? Snowflakes, have you understood what is War yet?

Looks like he’s got to make some more then.

Condolences to all families who have lost their loved ones. There is no win in any war. Loss of lives should not be celebrated.

Did these terrorists have mercy on others? hmmm ….


One basic tenet of War is: Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. Basically the 7 Oct terrorist attack was a very stupid move by Hamas.

All of them were granted their wish to meet their 72 virgins in their Allah land!

May God have mercy on them!