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Tigerlily Patisserie: Neighbourhood bakery announces closure amid escalating costs and lease expiry

After three years of delighting Joo Chiat locals, Tigerlily Patisserie bids farewell on 30 April 2024. Co-founder Chef Maxine Ngooi cited rising operational costs and an upcoming lease expiry as reasons for the closure.



Tigerlily Patisserie

SINGAPORE: After three years of being a beloved fixture in the Joo Chiat neighborhood, Tigerlily Patisserie announced its impending closure on 30 April 2024.

Known for its elegant modern French pastries, the popular bakery-cafe first gained traction as an online bakery in 2020, before blossoming into a charming botanical-themed space on Joo Chiat Road in 2021.

Chef Maxine Ngooi, co-founder of Tigerlily Patisserie, took to the bakery’s Instagram account on Friday (5 April) to share the news of its closure.

In an official announcement, Chef Maxine Ngooi expressed heartfelt gratitude for the remarkable journey of Tigerlily Patisserie, citing the evolving landscape of the culinary world as the impetus for the decision to retire the beloved establishment.

“It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the permanent closure of Tigerlily,” Maxine lamented, revealing that the last day of operations will be on 30 April.

Reflecting on the bakery’s evolution, she emphasized the challenges overcome and the joy shared with patrons, reminiscing about Tigerlily’s humble beginnings during the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent growth into a celebrated pastry destination.

“With a mission to bring in something refreshing and fun to the bakery scene in Singapore, I was determined to create each artisanal pastry with integrity and commitment to the craft, and use this avenue for me to showcase the delectable flavours of my heritage,” Maxine said.

Maxine expressed profound gratitude for the love and unwavering support shown by patrons throughout Tigerlily’s tenure.

Throughout its existence, Tigerlily garnered prestigious accolades, including 3 spoons from the Museum of Ice Cream’s Sweet Spot Awards, Pastry Chef of the Year at the World Gourmet Awards, and inclusion in Prestige’s list of 40 under 40.

“The past four years have been a wild ride, and it is with bittersweet emotions that we made the difficult decision to close our doors.”

“While this chapter may be coming to an end, we will hold the memories and connections we made forever in our hearts,” she added.

Speaking to, Maxine expressed sadness in sharing the news and highlighted rising operational costs and an upcoming lease expiration as primary factors behind the closure.

“The two main reasons [for the closure] are the exponentially increasing costs of operations, and that our rental lease [expiry] is coming up,” Maxine said.

As Tigerlily Patisserie prepares to bid farewell, patrons are invited to savor their last indulgence at 350 Joo Chiat Rd, S427598, until 30 April 2024. For further information, visit their website or Instagram.

In March, Rui Ji Chicken Rice at Ubi announced its closure after just four months of operation, as their daily earnings of almost S$1,000 proved insufficient to cover operational costs, rendering the venture financially unsustainable.

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