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S$1,000 daily takings not enough, Rui Ji Chicken Rice at Ubi close 4 months after opening

Closure of Rui Ji Chicken Rice sparks discussions on F&B challenges. Netizens debate on the viability of F&B businesses with such daily takings and high rents.



SINGAPORE: The closure of Rui Ji Chicken Rice and Curry Chicken Noodle stall at Ubi, just four months after its grand opening, has sparked discussions among netizens regarding the challenges faced by businesses, particularly in the F&B industry.

Comments on social media platforms, notably in the public Facebook group “Hawkers United – Dabao 2020,” reflected concerns about the viability of businesses with such low daily takings.

While some speculated that high rental fees might have contributed to the stall’s closure, many echoed the sentiment that S$1,000 in daily earnings simply isn’t enough to sustain an F&B establishment in Singapore.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the stall, which employs people with disabilities, will cease operations on 16 April, citing poor business as the primary reason for closure.

Owned by Joseph Tan, 58, and co-founded by his step-sister, Jass Lee, who has a disability, the establishment aimed to realize Jass’ dream of operating a chicken rice stall that provides opportunities for disabled individuals.

Jass, who navigates the world in a wheelchair following a tragic accident over a decade ago, saw the venture as a means to empower those facing similar challenges. Due to an infection, she had to get part of her leg amputated.

However, despite their noble intentions and efforts, the stall struggled to generate sustainable revenue.

According to Shin Min, their daily earnings of almost S$1,000 is not enough, rendering it financially unsustainable to cover operational costs.

“I want to open a business to help people with disabilities, but we have no choice but to close because business here is too poor,” Joseph shared, stating that a day’s takings can barely hit S$1,000 on a good day.

“S$1,000 a day in earnings can’t even cover the cost of ingredients and running the stall,” he added.

However, despite the setback, they remain committed to their dream.

Joseph told Shin Min that he is exploring alternative locations for the business while ensuring that the affected employees are redeployed to other branches in the interim.

He mentioned that that he had invested about S$55,000 into the Ubi stall.

Rui Ji Chicken Rice also operates two additional branches, one situated in Toa Payoh Lorong 4 and another located at Beach Road.

Netizens discuss business challenges in F&B sector on Facebook group

Examining comments in the Facebook group “Hawkers United – Dabao 2020,” users debate the validity of the claim.

Some users think that the business is not doing well because the rent is too high.

Additionally, many users concur that earning S$1000 per day is insufficient to sustain the shop.

“It’s takings, not profit. 30% goes to rental, 30% goes to food costs. After paying salary, what do you think he has left,” one user wrote.

Another user pointed out that the high operating and rental expenses are severely impacting the F&B sector.

“We have witness many f&b business closure in 2023,” the user stated, querying the government’s efforts to aid small and SME customers.

“Giving voucher does not solve the root cause and underlying issues,” he added.

Notably, a few individuals engaged in the F&B industry offered their own comments and perspectives on the matter.

“Many things have to be factor in not just only the rental which is usually the killer,” one user said.

He revealed that he personally operates a food stall in a coffee shop, giving him firsthand knowledge of why a daily revenue of S$1,000 falls short.

Another individual, who claimed to manage several F&B outlets, expressed no surprise that the public still perceives S$1,000 per day in revenue as substantial.

He mentioned encountering former staff and even former managers who failed to grasp this reality and requested higher wages, despite some outlets generating less than S$1,000 in daily revenue.

Moreover, a user asserted that the shop’s location is inherently competitive, noting that it has changed ownership multiple times.

They highlighted that its placement in an isolated section, away from visibility from the road, contributes to its challenges.

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Hawkers food something pap is so proud of that they have to UNESCO it. Then increase the rent until until hawkers cannot survive, today Taiwan Night Market also closed down.

Do not be confused.
He mentioned no biz, not due to pricing which is obviously not low.

The main reason is not nice food usually.
So biz will be bad.
People try it once and decided.

Cotton & pineapple lovers go and ask the $8 heart surgery man.

Not surprise at all, the cost of doing business in Singapore is way too high. Be it manpower cost or operational cost, it is easy higher than neighboring countries like Malaysia. This is one of the reasons why we have ignorant locals that think jb is cheaper due to exchange rates.

If the rent is too high, you are basically working for the landlord. In which case, you might want to consider working in your corporate job instead of becoming a F&B “entrepreneur”. Much less risk and less sweat.

)) Hot girls are waiting for you on —

Don’t understand

Why Chicken Rice stall cannot made it .

Ask Ah 燦 lah ,
many want free chicken rice .

1000 can afford a hdb .


Consult PAPsident lah

Of course have to pay Consultatation Fee .

While many retailers have moved from brick-and-mortar shops to online, to cut down overhead costs, why not F&B?
Few weeks ago, I happened to come across a local online service on the Internet, which can help businesses here to go online affordably. If I can still remember, it claims it costs from as little as $150.

The margins for F&B are ever shrinking. Food desserts in Singapore are growing, whatever food shops left will be increasingly mediocre and pricey.

The day is coming soon when your local hawker centre will be desolate except for a few shops selling barely serviceable food at exorbitant prices.

Rent the whole fucking shop, of course $1000 a day definitely not enough even for rent.
This fucker better don’t do business lah better be a trash collector where at least all he needs to do is to throw away the trash and get paid instead of talking trash as though the whole World owes him to make more than $1000 per day!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣