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CIVICUS Monitor classifies Singapore’s civic space as ‘repressed’

Singapore’s civic space is labeled ‘repressed’ by CIVICUS Monitor in its latest report, highlighting concerns over restrictive laws like POFMA and Public Order Act targeting critics, limiting freedom of expression and assembly, and controlling public discourse.



In Singapore, the state of civic freedoms has garnered significant attention, with the CIVICUS Monitor, a globally recognized research tool tracking the health of civil society across 196 countries, recently classifying the city-state’s civic space as ‘repressed’.

This designation by the CIVICUS Monitor underscores a series of concerns regarding the state’s oversight and control over civil liberties.

According to the latest report published by the CIVICUS Monitor on 5 April, “There are ongoing concerns about the use of restrictive laws as well as the harassment of human rights defenders.”

The report specifically criticizes the 2019 Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA) for granting “excessive powers to the government,” which, as noted by the CIVICUS Monitor, have been used “to target critics and block websites.”

A noteworthy instance of the government’s use of POFMA involves Kenneth Jeyaretnam, the leader of the Reform Party.

On 11 December 2023, the Minister for Communications and Information announced that Jeyaretnam’s website and associated social media pages were “Declared Online Locations” (DOLs), effectively restricting his ability to receive any benefits, including financial ones, from his online platforms until 11th December 2025.

This action, as highlighted by the CIVICUS Monitor, demonstrates the government’s continued efforts to control the narrative and limit dissent.

Furthermore, Gutzy Asia’s involvement in sharing a hyperlink to Jeyaretnam’s post led to the issuance of correction directions under POFMA, a move that the CIVICUS Monitor indicates as part of a broader pattern of silencing criticism and enforcing government narratives.

Furthermore, the CIVICUS Monitor highlights the restrictions on peaceful assembly enforced by the 2009 Public Order Act (POA) as indicative of the broader pattern of curtailing civic freedoms.

Human Rights Watch, in a separate report from January 2024, aligns with the CIVICUS Monitor’s findings, observing that Singapore “frequently uses overly broad and restrictive laws to silence criticism of the government and restrict the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.”

The strict control over public discourse and assembly is further evidenced by recent incidents.

For instance, a 20-year-old woman came under police investigation under the Public Order Act 2009 for her peaceful protest outside the Israel embassy in Singapore, an event that the CIVICUS Monitor suggests exemplifies the severe restrictions on public expressions related to international conflicts.

Moreover, the initial application of the draconian foreign interference law in February 2024 marks a significant development.

The designation of Chan Man Ping as a politically significant person under the Foreign Interference (Countermeasures) Act (FICA) by Singaporean authorities, according to CIVICUS Monitor, showcases the law’s extensive potential to impact personal freedoms and political expression.

This action is highlighted by the CIVICUS Monitor as a clear illustration of the government’s proactive stance against perceived foreign interference, yet it also underscores the concerns over the law’s wide-ranging authority to affect individuals based on their international engagements and activities.

The CIVICUS Monitor’s report and subsequent observations by other human rights organizations present a concerning view of Singapore’s civic space, emphasizing the government’s reliance on restrictive laws to manage public discourse, assembly, and criticism.

To read the full report, visit CIVICUS Monitor on their website.

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Look at the picture

Many 60’s

6o’s support it .

lee establlished his house and his house rules on Sin’s soil. You are the soil or ground the house sits on.

Jhn 8:34 Jesus answered them, Truly, truly, I say to you, Whoever practices Sin is the slave of Sin.

the father of Sin you serve, his word is truth. And many are proud of Sin so the end.

The PAP cannot compressed.

So the PAP repressed.

If the PAP CANNOT repressed, so they impressed.

But if the PAP cannot impress, they regress which SG see as progress.

Singaporeans NEED to see the End of the Tunnel of their sufferings, QUICK and SOON.

Why do the PEOPLE of Singapore welcome and allow Millionaire Politicians to LIVE in HUGE PALATIAL Bungalows YET they have to FIGHT DAILY just to survive the PAP Administration’s INFLICTED inflation.

Why Do the PEOPLE of Singapore MADE to COMPETE with PAP Administration whole hearted Welcome of Foreigners Stealing Jobs, when the reasons given were SGpns lack spurs AND SGpns Lack the Skills – WHY SO?

Is the Constitution of SG a Constitution of the PAP?

Citizens NEED to strike off the PAP as Guardians of the People of Singapore’s Constitution BECAUSE SG is NOT PAP.

And PAP IS NOT Singapore.

PAP are Millionaires Themselves SO THEY CAN IMPROVERISH Singaoreans THEN to MAKE Singaoreans DEPENDENT on PAP crumbs Handouts to make PAP aappear as good when the PAP is 👿 👿 DEVIL.

Now they will try to POFMA this civicus website. But to no use.

Singapore is like North Korea. Dynasty, POFMA, lawsuit, detention without trial, infinite jail for violent criminals without judge sentence and trial and many more.

In other news. The sky is blue. Water is wet. Objects always fall towards the ground.


Will PAP come out to deny this “damning” report and will we see a POFMA issued?
When its a foreign reporter, their ba**s shrink…
POFMA was invented to control SGs…
Tak pakeh overseas lah..
Theyll die laughing if served with one.

This is the land where the law has been rewritten to state that one individual can and will be determined as an assembly, and, … POFMA was created, placing this regime as the arbiter of truth !!!

Both of the above has been applied arbitrarily by this regime, … when and where it suited them, their objectives and their targets !!!

C’mon, the island’s civic space isn’t just repressed , … it’s shackled, stymied and silenced forever !!!

Its the Truth.

It is. So will a POFMA be issued?
POFMA is to ensure contract renewal.every 5 years.