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Authorities silent on viral post alleging foreign worker’s suicide due to poor conditions

No official response to a viral post in March 2024 claiming Indian worker’s suicide in Singapore from harsh conditions, prompting action calls.



A viral Facebook post detailing the tragic demise of an Indian national, known only as Ramadas, who had been employed in Singapore’s offshore sector, has gone largely unaddressed after two weeks of posting.

It raises serious allegations about employment practices in the marine industry.

Authored by a friend of the deceased, the post not only delves into the specifics of Ramadas’s death but also highlights the alleged conditions and treatment contributing to his decision to end his life.

Described as a highly skilled mechanic, fitter, oiler, and electrician, Ramadas reportedly worked for over a decade in a demanding role with no days off, according to the post.

His friend describes him as both mentally and physically strong yet outlines the severe work conditions he faced.

Furthermore, the post criticizes the compensation structure, indicating that the wages paid to these workers are significantly inadequate for the volume of work expected of them.

The friend accuses the “purely profit-driven bosses” of Singapore’s marine companies of disregarding their workers’ lives and well-being, subjecting them to “the worst living conditions and food” with no attention to their mental health.

Calling for the conscience of the maritime industry and Singaporean authorities to take immediate action, the post advocates for the formation of unions, stating that such organizations could champion improved wages, employment contracts, off days, leave entitlements, and mental health support for these workers.

The formation of associations or societies to promote the rights of migrant workers is highly restricted in Singapore. Additionally, the Trade Unions Act prohibits foreigners from forming their own unions.

The friend of the deceased highlights the invaluable contribution of foreign workers to Singapore’s growth and calls for intervention by the relevant authorities.

Despite the viral nature of the post, no POFMA (Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act) correction direction has been issued regarding the allegations made, suggesting no dispute by authorities over the claims presented.

Gutzy Asia wrote to the employer on 17 March seeking clarification on the status of the alleged employee and the circumstances surrounding his death but has yet to receive a response.

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The death of this Indian worker is an unfortunate loss. However, much needs to be said about the denial of jobs that could be better served had it been given to Singaporeans, with the need to improve working conditions and pay of course. Why give these foreigners the chance to live like kings back in their homeland given the strength of the Singapore dollar when hiring Singaporeans would rejuvenate this republic’s economy and industrial base. The bread and butter of any nation’s wellbeing in this modern age.

He chose the path he walk it knowing the conditions. PAP don’t even care for their own people except their pockets.Now 1 death you expect them to care? Lala land mentality.
Our old people almost suicide daily where got anyone care?

Anyone come across PAP Administration focus, attention on mental health situation of everyone in SG.

What is IMH for. And OYK bastard paying acting focus now on his TT advertisements.

All these bastards report to an even bigger ignorant bastard who is squandering in simmering fashion the good created by his old man and now driving SG into abyss. Watch it carefully, SG is NOT PROGRESSING – SG under the big bastard is ONLY FIXING NUTS and BOLTS.

MOM any response? Or it doesn’t matter because he is a low rung worker and can be replaced. Our govt.’s pro corporate stance at the expense of the resident population will cause them to lose votes in the next elections. Profits from flesh trade seems to be the top dish in Singapore. The increasing suicides say it all.

One sucblh worker suicide ….10 more come to replace him and another 20 more Sinkie with no job! This FT might quote HARSH WORKING CONDITION here but his presence here is also causing hardship for locals needing a livelihood! I don’t see where any ‘sympathy’ can be found for cases like these. Afterall, they did decide to come here to work and like someone named Tan See Leng said….BECOS NO LOCAL WANTS TO DO HIS JOB!….but levies the PAP collect gao gao. Perphaps as a measure of asking for forgiveness, the PAP should provide the casket ,air flight home for… Read more »

what? this indian bastard come to Sg to work and claim harsh? than India…chee bye lah..die also blame SG and the Government, then the Whole fuck up Indian can claim to suffer under this small island…low lives are really parasites like many here.

When the Millionaire Bastards have zero qualms of morality, conscience, focus on dissidents every second of their political work, with their controlled legal and law enforcement appartus, supporting their evil, to crimp and buckle Singaporeans like this SG society is their toyland and 6 million lives are their slaves – what should be anyones expectations.

Come on, when they mentioned jobs for locals and foreigners is not zero sum, it means PAP dont exist and function to create rice bowls for u and me.

Heard this LOUD and CLEAR, remember, PAP LOOK after Foreigners, GIVE THEM JOBS. Citizens are…what? JUNK.