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CASE: Affected consumers in Sky Lantern Festival eligible for full refund

CASE President Melvin Yong announced an agreement with the Singapore Sky Lantern Festival’s organizer for full refunds to consumers who lodge complaints with CASE by 11:59 pm on 31 March.



SINGAPORE: The aftermath of the botched Singapore Sky Lantern Festival has taken a positive turn for affected consumers, as they now have the opportunity to claim full refunds by submitting complaints to the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) before 31 March.

In a statement released on 27 March, CASE President Melvin Yong assured attendees that the association had secured a commitment from Asian Couture and Boutique to reimburse all consumers who file complaints with CASE by 11:59 pm on 31 March.

Notably, 68 consumers have already taken action by reporting their grievances to CASE.

The festival boasted a sizable attendance of 2,500 participants, each of whom paid S$50 for the lantern experience.

The festival, held at Sentosa’s Palawan Green on 21 February, promised attendees an enchanting evening filled with sky lanterns illuminating the night sky.

However, the event failed to deliver on its promises, sparking a wave of complaints and even prompting an official police investigation, according to media reports.

Attendees were left disappointed when the organizers, citing “unforeseen circumstances,” opted to replace real candles with LED lights and ultimately cancelled the lantern release altogether.

This significant deviation from the advertised experience understandably led to frustration among the participants.

Initially, the event organizers, including Ms Shiermie Bautista, maintained a stance of non-refundability for ticket sales, citing the continuation of other segments of the program, such as the music festival, and the attendance of many participants.

In a Facebook post, Ms Bautista clarified, “Tickets are valid for entry at the time of the rescheduled event around the 1st week of April.”

For those unable to attend the new date, she suggested reselling tickets on TicketSwap and expressed gratitude for understanding. The Facebook post has since been removed.

However, in light of mounting pressure and complaints, an agreement for refunds was eventually reached, allowing affected consumers to seek recourse.

Mr Yong emphasized that this agreement was the result of CASE’s advocacy on behalf of consumers and its engagement with the event organizer.

Furthermore, CASE has waived fees for affected consumers, making it easier for them to register complaints.

“We will continue to protect consumers’ interests and work closely with businesses to achieve the best possible outcome,” Mr Yong assured.

Those affected by the festival’s shortcomings are encouraged to reach out to CASE through their hotline at 6277-5100 or via their website at

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they work really hard … in every election year!

Wayang just to score political points. Why must only register with Case by 31 March to be entitled for full refund? Must join the CCP (Case Communist Party) to entitled same.


Typical of the elite to crow about what they have done. Melvin Yong is no different. Frankly, it was a smart move by the organisers to agree to give full refunds because it seems the crowd of dissatisfied customers seem ready to sue them (the organisers) in a class action of breach of contract. If Melvin Yong were to really want to fight for the ordinary Singaporean, I suggest CASE does away with any fees (as in this instance) and make registering complaints easier. Don’t waive the fees for this particular case only because it is a high profile case.… Read more »