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Lum Chang Board reveals MD attended multiple CPIB interviews regarding Iswaran

Lum Chang’s Managing Director, David Lum, attended Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau interviews regarding Iswaran’s case, with no charges filed against him, confirms the Board. Mr Lum has not faced any charges nor have any restrictions been imposed on him by the CPIB.



In the wake of new charges filed against former Transport Minister S Iswaran on Monday, Lum Chang Holdings Limited has found itself in the spotlight due to mentions of its Managing Director and construction subsidiary.

In an announcement on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), the Board of Directors of Lum Chang Holdings Limited stated, “The Board of Directors (the ‘Board’) of Lum Chang Holdings Limited (the ‘Company’) has noted the various media reports released on Monday (25 March) in relation to the latest charges filed against former Transport Minister S Iswaran.

The Board is aware that the Company’s Managing Director, Mr David Lum Kok Seng who has served since 1985, and its construction subsidiary, Lum Chang Building Contractors Pte Ltd, have been mentioned in the media reports. The Board will make the appropriate announcement(s) as and when there are material developments relating to the matter.”

Iswaran faces an additional eight charges under section 165 of the Penal Code, spotlighting his alleged acceptance of gifts from Mr David Lum Kok Seng, Managing Director of Lum Chang Holdings, between November 2021 and November 2022.

These charges, related to Iswaran’s tenure as Transport Minister, accuse him of receiving valuable items such as whisky bottles, golf clubs, and a Brompton bicycle, which are connected to Mr. Lum’s oversight of the T315 contract for the Tanah Merah Station and viaducts under Lum Chang Building Contractors and the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

With a total of 35 charges now filed against him, Iswaran has maintained his not-guilty plea.

While Mr Lum’s name has not appeared in the judiciary hearings so far, the connection has prompted Lum Chang Holdings to keep a close watch on the proceedings and prepare to update shareholders and the public as necessary.

In a separate announcement on SGX, the Board responded to queries from SGX about Mr Lum being contacted by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (“CPIB”) to assist with the charges faced by Iswaran and whether any charges have been filed against him or restrictions imposed by CPIB.

The Board indicated that Mr Lum has communicated to the Board his attendance at multiple interviews conducted by CPIB concerning the investigations into Iswaran. Furthermore, the Board confirmed that, as of now, Mr Lum has not faced any charges nor have any restrictions been imposed on him by the CPIB.

The board states, “The Board and the Nominating Committee have assessed the above and have determined that Mr Lum continues to be suitable to carry out his duties and responsibilities as Managing Director of the Company, unless there are subsequent developments which require the Board and the Nominating Committee to make a re-assessment.”

One of the key projects under Lum Chang Building Contractors, a subsidiary of Lum Chang Holdings, is the comprehensive addition and alteration works at Tanah Merah Station.

Awarded in 2016, this S$325 million project is a critical component of Singapore’s East-West Line enhancements, slated for completion in 2025. The project aims to add a new platform and concourse, facilitating improved passenger flow and increasing the station’s capacity.

In addition to the Tanah Merah Station project, Lum Chang Building Contractors was awarded a significant contract in 2018 for the construction of a 1.95km section of the North-South Corridor (Tunnel) between Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 and Ang Mo Kio Ave 9. This project, valued at S$799 million, is part of Singapore’s first integrated transport corridor featuring continuous bus lanes and cycling trunk routes. The North-South Corridor aims to reduce travel time for commuters and enhance connectivity between the northern parts of Singapore and the city.

The involvement of Lum Chang Holdings and its subsidiaries in significant projects, including the ongoing work with the LTA, places additional scrutiny on the company’s operations and its executives’ conduct. Lum Chang Holdings, under the leadership of Mr Lum and his family, has a long-standing history of contribution to Singapore’s construction and development landscape.

As this case unfolds, Lum Chang Holdings Limited reassures its stakeholders of its commitment to transparency and ethical conduct while closely monitoring the situation and its potential implications for the company and its executives.

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The INCREASING CASES of Corruption Crimes – – public and private – is gathering pace and it seems the SMUG PAP appears arrogant as USUAL.

The BIG SCALE Corruption at Keppel Corp GIVING briberies CERTAINLY is PUBLIC INTERESTS when it draws international scrutiny, and CONCLUSIVE INDICTMENT by the America Dept Of Justice ⚖.

Why is the PAP silent on matters of Public Interests? Are they damn afraid and secretive – Afraid of Sheep’s anger. Sheep anger also THREATEN PAP, or hahaha. Aren’t they KEEN to politically ASSURE sheeps All is WELL?

I think they bit off more than they could chew. Both sides I mean.
One took the liberty of gnawing on the edges believing he was immune and the other went into action not knowing how deep the arteries and veins of this drama will lead.

Anyone believe the PAP is reeling from all these corruptions happening in their SG Toyland? It does not seem they are feeling aghast or seriously jumping up and down – looks as though Keppel Corpn to them is BUSINESS as Usual. Because no public statements, no media announcements concerning how they are remaking their squeaky clean images, no public dissemination of their strategies make known to arrest increasing corruption cancer. Many a times they used to retort hands off from them, but preferably RELYING on Public Education – is it so now?

Funny thing, it seems SGX are not policing listed Companies as it should. How come? Don’t tell me SGX is corrupted too.

The Big Time Political Liars, Law Makers in SG has been telling the whole world SG is squeaky clean over 50 years is An Awesome Fraud. Not that it’s squeaky clean per se, just that the Judiciary is averse to prosecute crimes or haul up guilty bribery criminals, esp those related to their political affinity, even in the face of mountain of unmistakabke evidence – like the example of Keppel Corpn involved in giving 100s of $1000s bribes to secure rig business from Petrobas. This dramatic OWNSELF ABSTAIN from HAULING OWNSELF as criminals Is THE BIGGEST JOKE that SG Law… Read more »

He got PBM title or not ?

If only Miscellaneous Expenses were disclosed????

That Bicycle Again::: Iswaran should have known better when sitting on it.
The Bicycle had taken the previous LTA Minister on a ride.
Whiskey also so Cheap: Iswaran to accept something like that, I say Hang Him.

It is questionable that so many grassroot people are businessman.

It is a questionable that so many grassroot people are businessman.

Singapore PAP Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong come and tell Attorney of General Chambers that Iswaran is not guilty and not involved in bribery and demand for release,the Attorney of General Chambers don’t dare to say anything,it is because Iswaran belongs to the Singapore PAP Party,the same gang of politician party

When the Lum Chang Boards become aware of these CPIB interviews and when the first announcement was made? Or does they only consider there is material development only when he is being charged?

Did they break the disclosure clause for a listed company?


SG should have higher punishment for bribery cases involving government agencies or GLC because they are the caretakers of our money.

But look like nor the case, Keppel Petrobas case is one where those involved were let go with warning or re-education.

But at Mandai Crematorium or Pasir Panjang container terminals, giving a dollar or small red packet is strictly illegal and liable to heavy penalty.

So does it mean if doing bribery, must do big or must have right connection then can safely do?



Also ” Complex “