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Malaysia opts out of hosting 2026 Commonwealth Games

Malaysia has decided not to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games, as announced by the country’s Ministry of Youth and Sports on Friday.



MALAYSIA: Malaysia has opted out of hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games, as announced by the Ministry of Youth and Sports on Friday (22 March).

The ministry in a press statement disclosed that the decision was reached by the Cabinet after a comprehensive study of various factors, including costs and implications.

A delegation from the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) previously met with the Minister of Youth and Sports, Hannah Yeoh, for an informative session regarding the hosting offer.

This session, held on 5 February 2024, was also attended by the Second Finance Minister.

The ministry clarified that the Cabinet determined the CGF’s RM603 million (US$127 million) grant to be insufficient to cover the entire expenses of hosting such a large-scale event.

“In addition, the economic impact (from the hosting of the event) could not be identified in the short term,” the statement said.

The ministry said the Malaysian Government expresses gratitude to the CGF for the offer to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

“However, at this time, the government wants to focus on sports development as well as the welfare and well-being of the people.”

Hannah Yeoh: Malaysia will not host the Commonwealth Games if taxpayer-funded

Earlier, Hannah Yeoh informed Parliament that Malaysia would decline to host the games if financed by taxpayers’ funds.

She stated the government’s willingness to undertake the responsibility only if costs stay within the £100 million grant pledged by the CGF.

The Commonwealth Games, held every four years, encompass a variety of sporting disciplines and involve competitors from 74 nations and territories.

The CGF earlier approached Malaysia with an offer to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games, taking the place of Victoria, Australia.

This proposal includes a significant financial aid package to facilitate the organization and planning of the event.

The Australian state of Victoria has withdrawn from hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games, citing escalating costs as the primary reason.

State Premier Daniel Andrews stated that the expense had exceeded initial estimates, and he was unwilling to reallocate funds from other sectors of the government’s budget to cover the shortfall.

This decision leaves the fate of the 2026 Commonwealth Games uncertain, as Victoria, originally slated to host the 23rd edition, pulled out in July of the preceding year due to mounting hosting expenses.

Initial projections estimated costs at A$2.6 billion (US$1.6 billion), but this figure ballooned to A$7 billion (US$4.5 billion), prompting the state’s withdrawal.

In addition to the financial implications, the Victoria state government has reportedly agreed to pay A$380 million (US$247 million) for breaching the contract to host the games, which were scheduled to take place from 17 to 29 March 2026.

Meanwhile, Singapore is currently evaluating the possibility of hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games. Commonwealth Games Singapore (CGS) and Sport Singapore (SportSG) confirmed this development, stating that CGF extended invitations to all member associations, including Singapore, during last November’s general assembly.

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A pragmatic move by the current Malaysian government.

One only needs to look back at “Youth Olympic Games” hosted by their southern neighbour to know that these lower tier sports events usually attract little fanfare.

Meanwhile Minister Three Meals in a Hawker centre, food court or restaurant managed to go three times overbudget and serve food poisoning to hardworking volunteers yet he’s still employed all these years later.

Last edited 3 months ago by Blankslate

!!!! Hot girls are waiting for you on —

Boleh land host games?
Better don’t lah. Either sportsmen die of food poisoning there or they make their Bank Negara bankrupt!😆😆😆

I take my hat off to our neighbour , Msia…
Very wise to think of the well being of their citizens first..👏👏
Here , always spending taxpayers money like it grows on trees!

VERY the smart…not like chee bye Singapore hao lian but always masturbate with people’s monies…KNN

In my opinion, a very wise decision.

I trust that our powers that be will follow Malaysia in declining to host the Games.

Please do not accede to the letter writer in today’s Straits Times who advocated for Singapore to host the Games.

If the G has that kind of tax payer money to spare (notwithstanding the US$100 mil grant), please just distribute to Singaporeans in May where there is no scheduled payout and which will be put to good use by Singaporeans already buffetted by high cost of living expenses.