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Singapore evaluating feasibility of hosting 2026 Commonwealth Games

Singapore is evaluating hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games after receiving an invitation from the CGF. Plans to attract major sporting events were announced in the Budget Speech, with a budget of S$165 million over four years.



commonwealth games closing cermony 2022
Commonwealth Games closing ceremony 2022 (Photo: Commonwealth Sport)

Singapore is currently evaluating the possibility of hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games, following an invitation from the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF).

As reported by Singapore state media CNA, Commonwealth Games Singapore (CGS) and Sport Singapore (SportSG) confirmed this development, stating that CGF extended invitations to all member associations, including Singapore, during last November’s general assembly.

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong announced plans to attract more major sporting events to Singapore during this year’s Budget Speech, allocating S$165 million (US$124 million) over the next four years to achieve this goal.

Singapore has already secured hosting rights for the World Aquatics Championships in 2025, marking a significant milestone as the first Southeast Asian country to do so.

Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Edwin Tong emphasized the broader benefits of positioning Singapore as a prime destination for sports events.

He highlighted the potential for economic growth and enhanced global recognition, indicating that hosting such events would benefit not only Singaporean athletes but also the wider community.

A spokesperson for CGF expressed openness to innovative proposals and confirmed positive discussions with potential hosts, including Singapore.

However, Song Seng Wun, an economic adviser at financial services firm CGS International Singapore, expressed scepticism about the feasibility of hosting the quadrennial event for any single country.

Given the magnitude of the Commonwealth Games, Song suggested that a joint bid with another Southeast Asian country would enhance the feasibility of hosting the event in Singapore.

The Commonwealth Games, held every four years, encompass a variety of sporting disciplines and involve competitors from 74 nations and territories.

The CGF has also approached Malaysia with an offer to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games, taking the place of Victoria, Australia.

This proposal includes a significant financial aid package of £100 million (US$127 million) to facilitate the organization and planning of the event.

The Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) confirmed this development, revealing that talks had begun with the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia following the formal invitation from the CGF.

Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh disclosed that Malaysia’s decision to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games would soon be determined by the Cabinet.

The ministry is preparing a detailed Cabinet paper based on various studies conducted.

In a statement on Monday (18 Mar), Mohd Nazifuddin Najib, the secretary-general of OCM, proposed several cost-saving measures for the event.

He suggested utilizing standard hotels for accommodating athletes and officials instead of constructing a dedicated Games village.

Additionally, he proposed reallocating some of the budget allocated for the Southeast Asian Games in 2027 towards the Commonwealth event.

Nazifuddin emphasized the possibility of a scaled-down version of the Games, with fewer sports and smaller opening and closing ceremonies.

However, he stressed that the final decision rests with the government.

Nazifuddin also mentioned the possibility of collaborating with Singapore but emphasized the associated risk.

He highlighted that if Singapore were to take over the responsibility for organizing the event independently, it could result in Malaysia losing the chance to host the Commonwealth Games.

The Australian state of Victoria has withdrawn from hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games, citing escalating costs as the primary reason.

State Premier Daniel Andrews stated that the expense had exceeded initial estimates, and he was unwilling to reallocate funds from other sectors of the government’s budget to cover the shortfall.

This decision leaves the fate of the 2026 Commonwealth Games uncertain, as Victoria, originally slated to host the 23rd edition, pulled out in July of the preceding year due to mounting hosting expenses.

Initial projections estimated costs at A$2.6 billion (US$1.6 billion), but this figure ballooned to A$7 billion (US$4.5 billion), prompting the state’s withdrawal.

In addition to the financial implications, the Victoria state government has reportedly agreed to pay A$380 million (US$247 million) for breaching the contract to host the games, which were scheduled to take place from 17 to 29 March 2026.

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Maybe Ministar Edwin Tong will be tasked and sent to negotiate an exclusive Commonwealth Games with only taxpayers funding the event. Only Singapore athletes can partake and compete in all events and winning all the gold, silver and bronze medals for this Commonwealth Games. It will be a good achievement he could boast about for the upcoming GE and years to come as no other nations in history even come close to winning all medals for same.


It will be nice if both Malaysia & SG host.
Wow good travelling & Best of Both Worlds.
More Fun: but prices might shock tourists.

Malaysia’s proposals are quite good…a toned down affair.
Just let them hold the games.SG No need to be greedy?

What else? The PAP gov is but a big spender of tax $$$ for the feel good image.Notwithstanding the claim of KPI achievement by the respective agencies thereafter. No???

Another increase in GST to fund this? We are a republic, why host games that belong to a colonial era? The costs are spiralling on the ground, please make more handouts to citizens if you are going to host the games that no other country is bidding for. All budgets must be for the citizens’ benefits not corporates.

This PAP Administration Very Very fond of, and always found extreme joy to, Fcck Singapreans in the name of economic BENEFITS (LJ) for Singapore – BIG FAT PAP LIE. How much Millions of Dollars benefited the ordinary Singaporean when the BIG TELL TALE SIGN is so bloody obvious SEEN in Raising of GST by almost 30 Per Cent, RENTS INCREASE, Transport FARES Raise, so many many types of Price increases, RIGHT SGpns? If Youth Olympic Games has had benefitted the SG economy – Why is it Vivy Balakrishnan has NOT CHEERFULLY, OPENLY BOASTED about it? The ONLY BOAST was when… Read more »

another giving away monies event? aka taxpayers’ monies with ONE man says…all??

Please be reminded the Youth Olympics cost Singapore $378 mil.

How much will the Commonwealth Games cost should we stupidly agree to host the Games; even with the US$100 mil carrot.

The bottom line is; so far no country or city is willing to pick up the gauntlet to host the Games.

Why should we? I don’t see any advantages even if we were to co-host with Malaysia.

Singapore – don’t try to be a hero!

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