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Anwar Ibrahim’s call for multifaceted solution to Israel-Hamas conflict gains international support

Malaysian PM Anwar Ibrahim’s call for a comprehensive approach to the Israel-Hamas conflict gains global traction. Western journalists’ posts of the viral clip amplify his emphasis on addressing historical injustices and individual rights.



BERLIN, GERMANY: Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim emphasized that resolving the Israel-Hamas conflict goes beyond the mere release of hostages.

His remarks came during a joint press conference held on 11 March in Berlin, Germany, alongside German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Anwar addressed questions about the nature of his current discussions with the political leadership of Hamas and shared his views on the events of 7 October 2023, which led to ongoing hostage situations being labeled as acts of terrorism.

Anwar underscored the complexity of the conflict, stating that a one-sided approach focused on a single issue cannot erase 60 years of atrocities.

He highlighted the importance of acknowledging the rights of all individuals involved, including issues related to settlers, dispossession, land rights, dignity, and the impact on men, women, and children.

Expressing his dissatisfaction with discussions that solely revolve around the 7 October incident, Anwar reiterated the need for a fair and amicable solution to the conflict.

Clip of the press conference goes viral

The press conference clip quickly went viral on social media platforms, drawing international attention and amassing millions of views.

A clip shared by British-American broadcaster Mehdi Hasan and Portuguese philosopher-journalist Bruno Maçães gained significant traction, with 1.7 million and 2.4 million views respectively.

Maçães, in his post, described the exchange between Scholz and Anwar as “stunning,” emphasizing a changing global perspective.

He remarked, “We live in a new world, Germany just didn’t get the memo.”

Mehdi Hasan’s post highlighted Anwar’s representation of the majority’s voice, stating, “We have reached a point where the prime minister of Malaysia now speaks for the majority of the world’s people and not a European or Western leader.”

In the viral clip, Chancellor Scholz responded to an inquiry about Germany’s position, affirming Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas’ terrorist attacks.

He also emphasized Germany’s strong relationship with Israel, expressing support for the release of hostages, provision of humanitarian aid, and the perspective of a two-state solution.

“We strongly support the establishment of the state of Israel,” Scholz reiterated.

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He should spend more time having “kopi” with his white and “clean traffic police officers?

Who still wants to go Malusia and get fined for ” traffic ” offence. Thanks but no thanks. What do you think? tsk tsk tsk

Anwar would do well to keep an eye on his domestic front instead of trying to be a “world leader” and playing an international role. But then, he needs to burnish his image internationally because domestically, he is fighting an uphill battle against the influence of the extremist PAS (aka Malaysian Islamic Party) For example, Malaysia’s top court has ruled that 16 Islamic laws in the northeastern state of Kelantan are unconstitutional and yet now the state government has, in defiance of this ruling, proposed to re-enact these 16 laws. Anwar’s difficulty is that he is fighting the rising tide… Read more »

Cannot even get his own country on the right track….ringgit sliding like nothing, want to propose solution for Gaza?

This is call ownself does not see the shit he is sitting on, only can kaypo cos he feels his Islamic brothers are being hatam ,so must take sides with them.
Islamic scums are ALL THE SAME!😆😆😆

What about the yazidis?? The Yazidi genocide was perpetrated by the Islamic State throughout Iraq and Syria between 2014 and 2017. It was characterized by massacres, genocidal rape, and forced conversions to Islam. The Yazidi people, who are non-Arabs, are indigenous to Kurdistan and adhere to Yazidism, which is an Iranian religion derived from the Indo-Iranian tradition. Over a period of three years, Islamic State militants trafficked thousands of Yazidi women and girls and killed thousands of Yazidi men; the United Nations reported that the Islamic State killed about 5,000 Yazidis and trafficked about 10,800 Yazidi women and girls… Read more »

Greta Thunberg has more balls than chancellor Scholz.

Off course the West wants history to start on Oct. 7th 2023. They refused entry to Jews and even orphans in 1939. Now trying to cover their guilt by supporting Israel.