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Shanghai tourist shocked by cost of spending in Singapore

A Shanghai tourist astounded by Singapore’s prices: S$760/night hotel, RMB97 convenience store visit, S$211 meal at Jypsy. “Shanghai is cost-effective in comparison,” she notes in her douyin video.



A tourist from Shanghai recently shared her astonishment over the high cost of living and spending in Singapore.

The traveller, who accompanied her niece on a visit to the city-state, was taken aback by the exorbitant prices she encountered during her stay.

Sharing on Chinese social media, the Douyin user, 上海小阿姨 began by expressing disbelief at the level of expense that she found in the Lion City. According to her, the cost of living was so high that it could make a person from Shanghai “kneel down and beg for mercy.”

She showcased the hotel she had booked, in Shanghai, she claimed, a hotel of that quality would easily be rated as a four-star establishment. However, the shocking revelation came when she disclosed the nightly cost of her stay – a staggering RMB4,000 (approximately S$760).

The tourist’s grievances didn’t stop there. She recounted a simple trip to a convenience store to buy a drink, expecting a reasonable price.

To her dismay, a handful of items ended up costing her RMB97, including the surprising discovery of a seemingly overpriced lollipop priced at RMB5.5.

Additionally, the tourist narrated that she visited Merlion Park, which is a well-known tourism hotspot.

She then claimed that they had ” a very ordinary meal” at a very ordinary place near the tourism hotspot, she described as a modest six dishes and two drinks for three people, the bill amounted to over RMB1,000.

From the bill shared by the Douyin user, it appears that they spent a total of S$211 on the dish they ordered, including wagyu crispy nigiri, crispy shrimp and snapper salmon scallop sashimi.

A check online indicated that the Shanghai tourist appears to have visited Jypsy, a Japanese restaurant in Singapore at One Fullerton.

“The three of us are just here, not doing anything special, just eating, drinking and cost us an average of 3,000 yuan (S$570) per person per day. ”

She then urged his fellow compatriots not to say that the prices in Shanghai are expensive.

” Now that I’ve compared it to Singapore, I feel that Shanghai is very cost-effective and reasonable. ”

“At least in Shanghai, you get what you pay for, and the service and facilities are excellent,” she concluded.

Ending the account on a global note, The Economist magazine’s rankings last November place Singapore alongside Zurich at the top of the world’s most expensive cities, surpassing even New York in the relentless climb of living costs.

Correction: A previous version of the post notes the spending at the convenient store as S$97 but corrected to RMB97.


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All these cheap Tiongs should just remain in their mud holes.
Want cheap cheap can go to African nations or other less developed places.
But with a face like that, she’s better of being banned from travelling.

Must be a cheapo PRC coming here….SHE IS NOT WECLOME…

Please inform your comrades to stay at home and avoid visiting, residing or purchasing assets in Singapore.

If your comrades have an “itchy butt” there is always Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Much more affordable. Do not look at Singapore.

Didn’t we have a real Swiss lady who recently said Singapore is very affordable to live here?

Enjoy your stay …SG welcomes your people like no other!
Then go home and spread the “good news”.

Of cos la … PM highest salary in the universe … While depressing other ppl salary/wages. What you expect?!? Dun forget we still have 2 DPM…

Not forgetting the most expensive men in white lah

Already ages ago, EIU awarded Championship Prize to Sheepland as world’s most expensive city, even for couple of years in a row.

Wasn’t this world news? One can cross check with EIU.

Thank you for greasing the wheels of our economy. Please come again 🙂