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FairPrice distributes 60k+ sets of drinks and snacks to Muslim shoppers during Ramadan

FairPrice Group pledges support to the Muslim community, distributing 60,000+ sets of drinks and snacks in 61 stores during Ramadan from 12 March to 9 April, timed around iftar.



SINGAPORE: The FairPrice Group has announced its commitment to support the Muslim community by distributing over 60,000 sets of drinks and snacks across 61 of its stores during Ramadan.

According to the supermarket chain, the distribution will occur from 12 March to 9 April, approximately 30 minutes before and after iftar, the time when Muslims end their fast.

Each set will comprise a drink, including options such as milk, isotonic beverages, or water, alongside a selection of snacks like dates, beef slices, or biscuits, subject to availability.

This marks the 16th consecutive year of such benevolent efforts by the FairPrice Group, showcasing its steadfast commitment to fostering inclusivity and support for diverse communities.

Chief Executive of FairPrice Group, Vipul Chawla, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to extend support to Muslim customers during this significant period of observance.

He underscored the importance of solidarity and community spirit, emphasizing FairPrice’s dedication to ensuring a seamless Ramadan experience for all its patrons.

“Ramadan is a time for compassion, reflection, and communal gathering, and we understand its significance for the Muslim community and Singaporeans.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to support our Muslim customers through our community engagement during this period and remain committed to keeping the season’s essentials within reach for all.”

In addition to the distribution initiative, FairPrice is set to host two Hari Raya block parties as part of its festive outreach program.

Scheduled for 20 April, the events will take place in Bedok North from 10 am to 2 pm and in Bukit Batok from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Open to the public, each event will feature engaging activities, including games and food and drink sampling.

Furthermore, 300 halal bentos will be provided at each location, enriching the celebratory atmosphere.

FairPrice has also announced special discounts and promotions on festive goods, further enhancing the spirit of Ramadan and Hari Raya.

For more information about FairPrice’s Ramadan initiatives and upcoming events, customers are encouraged to visit their nearest FairPrice store or check the official website.

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Fair price should come up with similar initiatives for all cultures and religion in order to claim inclusivity. No???

A Very special gesture for a super duper special community indeed.
Doing it excessively overboard.
What’s next ?
Copying the Ang Pow tradition from the chinese with the distribution of Green Pows to them and then the Purple Pows for another community for Deepavali ?

Nothing really sincere or original from NTUC.

Muslims fast during Ramadan as part of their religious requirements. This is a ritual they have to endure and bear such “burden” stoically.

NTUC is proudly “showcasing its steadfast commitment to fostering inclusivity and support for diverse communities” with its offer of the gift sets for Muslims during Ramadan.

I don’t recall such a gesture (albeit in a different form) for CNY or Deepavali. Or did I miss NTUC’s big-do for CNY or Deepavali?

Only 30 minutes before and after Iftar? Why before when the fasting period isn’t over yet? And just how many live so close to a NTUC outlet that they can reach it within 30 minutes? I suggest making it 1 hour after Iftar would be a better choice.

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