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Rat sighting startles shopper in Pasir Ris, prompts FairPrice to strengthen pest control efforts

A TikTok user’s video of a rat in a NTUC FairPrice supermarket has triggered food safety measures and cleanup, raising concerns among shoppers




SINGAPORE: On Friday (6 Oct), a TikTok user known as @ayuuuniaz shared a video capturing an unexpected guest at the Pasir Ris West Plaza FairPrice outlet.


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As she approached the bread section, a rat with a long, thin tail was already visible, seemingly unfazed by its surroundings.

However, when she moved closer, the rat scurried deeper into the shelf, making a pitstop on some pre-packaged sandwiches before darting towards another section of the supermarket.

In good humor, she playfully suggested that the rat had wandered into the “wrong alley” without any cheese around, adding that she found the rodent “kinda cute.”

She promptly notified the supermarket staff, who, in turn, alerted pest control.


According to a spokesperson from the FairPrice Group, this unusual incident occurred on Thursday (5 Oct).

In response, they assured customers of their commitment to food safety and hygiene.

The spokesperson stated, “Immediately after we were made aware of the incident, the products in question and those in the vicinity were disposed of. The area was also cleaned and disinfected according to cleaning protocols.”

Furthermore, they mentioned that additional proactive measures, including intensified pest control efforts, have been implemented to ensure a safe and hygienic shopping environment.

Vital role of pest control in upholding food safety and hygiene protocols

Pest control plays a crucial role in maintaining food safety and hygiene standards. Common pests found in food establishments, such as rats, cockroaches, and flies, can transmit diseases, damage food supplies, and compromise the structural integrity of the premises.

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) underscores the importance of pest control, citing several reasons: pests can carry foodborne pathogens, potentially contaminating food and food contact surfaces, leading to food poisoning.

Additionally, the presence of pests reflects poorly on hygiene and food safety standards, resulting in food wastage and decreased consumer confidence in a company’s products.

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Is it because Fairprice is like G branch or affiliated so no NEA summon or ivestigation?