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63-year-old man found dead at Marina Bay Sands hotel

A 63-year-old man was discovered dead at Marina Bay Sands hotel on Monday (11 Mar). The incident, believed to be a fall from the hotel, was confirmed by MBS. Police ruled out homicide, and investigations continue.



63yo man find dead at marina bay sands

SINGAPORE: A 63-year-old man was discovered dead at the base of Marina Bay Sands (MBS) hotel on Monday (11 Mar).

The grim incident was confirmed by a spokesperson from MBS, who acknowledged the finding of the man’s body at approximately 7:50 pm.

The Singapore Police Force received notification of an unnatural death case at Bayfront Avenue around 7:55 pm on the same day, as reported by 8World News.

According to the report from 8World, it is believed that the man died after falling from the hotel.

Upon arriving at the scene, police officers found the man lying unconscious and, unfortunately, pronounced him dead.

Preliminary investigations conducted by the police have ruled out homicide as the cause of death, according to 8World.

The MBS spokesperson reiterated their commitment to assisting with the ongoing investigations.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness, as reported by 8World, observed several police officers setting up a blue tent and barricades at the first-floor exit of MBS’ Tower 3.

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