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Marina Bay Sands Casino refutes false claims of guest’s death after winning US$4 million

Marina Bay Sands Casino has denied claims shared on social media via a viral video, reported by, that a man died after winning USD4 million. A spokesperson confirmed the guest is alive and recovering after falling unconscious.



Marina Bay Sands Casino has refuted claims that a man died at its premises after winning USD4 million over the weekend, a rumour that went viral through a widely circulated video.

Speaking to, a spokesperson from Marina Bay Sands confirmed that the man seen in the video is alive and recovering.

The spokesperson clarified, “It is understood that no guest died in Marina Bay Sands’ casino after winning USD4 million or GBP300,000. There was a guest who had fallen unconscious in the casino, but he is alive and in recovery. The guest did not win USD4 million or GBP300,000.”

The casino also condemned the spread of false information online, noting the distress caused to the man’s family.

“Unfortunately, the fake news has spread, and the video still circulating online is causing some distress to the guest’s family,” the spokesperson added.

The video, which went viral on Sunday, 23 June, claimed that a man had died of cardiac arrest from the excitement of winning USD4 million at Marina Bay Sands Casino. It garnered over 5.6 million views on X. In the 22-second clip, a woman is seen crying while kneeling beside the unconscious man, as several casino staff members assist him and manage the crowd.

The caption of the viral tweet read, “A man won USD4 million at Marina Bay Singapore Casino but suffered a cardiac arrest from the excitement and died.” The video was duplicated and reposted across multiple X accounts, with some versions amassing millions of views.

Various international news portals, including the UK’s Daily Star, initially reported on the incident with headlines like, “Man Scoops GBP300k at Iconic Casino and ‘Drops Dead from Excitement of Win'”

While some news portals have taken down their stories following the clarification from Marina Bay Sands, others remain live on several sites and social media platforms.

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