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Thai PM’s Office clarifies: No criticism intended regarding Singapore’s strategy to secure exclusive Taylor Swift concerts

Thai Prime Minister’s office clarifies earlier comments on Taylor Swift’s Singapore deal, stating admiration for Singapore’s strategy to attract the star, not criticism. Highlights benefits and strategic negotiation, asserting it’s a ‘normal business practice’.



Chai Watcharong, spokesperson for Thailand's Prime Minister's Office

The Thai government issued a clarification regarding Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s comments on Singapore’s exclusive engagement with Taylor Swift, asserting that the statements were in admiration, not in criticism of Singapore’s strategy to attract the global pop star.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Chai Watcharong, the spokesperson for Thailand’s Prime Minister’s Office, explained that the Prime Minister mentioned the deal to “admire and compliment Singapore.”

He elaborated, “Proposing incentives to Taylor Swift is a very ambitious approach. It successfully convinced Taylor Swift to perform exclusively in Singapore … (which) created many advantages for the country,” thus underscoring the benefits of Singapore’s approach.

This clarification comes after Prime Minister Srettha, at a business conference in Bangkok on 15 February, revealed that Singapore had offered monetary incentives to ensure Taylor Swift’s exclusive performance in the city-state, citing figures between US$2 million to US$3 million per show as relayed by concert organiser Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) .

Minister for Culture, Community, and Youth Edwin Tong, while addressing Parliament on 4 March, refuted the accuracy of the figures mentioned but refused to release exact figures, citing the confidentiality of the agreement details. He emphasized the initiative’s role in rejuvenating Singapore’s tourism and entertainment sectors post-pandemic.

The deal also sparked reactions from regional representatives, such as Philippine lawmaker Joey Salceda, who critiqued the exclusivity, stating, “Our countries are good friends. That’s why actions like that hurt.”

However, Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, during a press conference in Melbourne following the 9th Singapore-Australia Annual Leaders’ Meeting, defended the arrangement as a strategic negotiation, asserting it was not “unfriendly” towards ASEAN neighbours.

PM Lee highlighted, “Our agencies negotiated an arrangement with her to come to Singapore and perform, and to make Singapore her only stop in Southeast Asia.”

“I don’t see that as being unfriendly. Sometimes, one country makes a deal. Sometimes another country does,” he said, adding that the incentives provided to Swift were from Singapore’s Tourism Development Fund to revive the industry after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Further clarifying the Thai Prime Minister’s comments, Mr Chai reiterated, “The tone and meaning that the Prime Minister has used when (talking) about this issue, were not to criticise or express jealousy toward Singapore.”

He suggested that countries looking to promote tourism should consider Singapore’s strategy, emphasizing that such deals are a “normal business practice” and there’s “no reason why Singapore should be ashamed of its actions.”

However, the spokesperson has not retracted the claim regarding the Thai PM’s statement that Taylor Swift’s team was offered between US$2 million and US$3 million per show for exclusivity.

Around 300,000 people from Singapore and around the region are expected to attend the six sold-out shows from 2 to 9 March.

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These type of fxxker twist and turn his words can be ‘good’ neighbor ah?
Hope a Coup d’état is coming up to fix him…which they are famous for or else those Trans from some Soi will come calling for him!!
Fxxking low ses countries , no wonder even after decades after WW2 still as fxxk up as they were then!😆😆😆

The above Thai PM office claim that it is a ‘normal business practice’ further reinforced that Pappy lied in parliament that they have their hands of on business matters / dealings when being queried about Ho Ching appointment and salary.


Oh dear, the Thai’s have just gone and given this regime, … more reason/excuses for “ownself praise ownself” !!!

More importantly, … the actual amount paid for TS’s exclusivity will remain a state secret and now, … buried forever amidst the admiration, acknowledgment and adoration for all things pap !!!

See even Thailand surrendered. This proves that our PAP government is the greatest!! Only stupid oppies continue to ignore the good work by our PAP government who brought honor and glory to our country! Oppies are traitors!!

Singaporeans are thankful to Thailand and the Philippines for the revelation. Otherwise, Singaporeans are living in the dark.

Lion roars, the others meow or echo. That’s why in this side of the globe, and not discounting the other side, no tongue is sharper than the lion state.
Why pursue legal measures? Because “hush money” was leaked?

TN – She(NMP) noted that the news of Swift striking a deal to make Singapore the only Southeast Asian stop on her Eras Tour has “struck a nerve” with SOME of the city-state’s neighbours.
Without mentioning any names, Mr Tong said the Government will assess the terms of the contract and will take “appropriate measures under advisement”. 

PAP is now emboldened.
That even another Government approves.

Might as well get Thais to vote for them too..
FICA not applicable…. because this is not criticism.

Any praise or support or approval is not FICA-able

The economic term “begger thy neighbours ” and “tit for tat” is always practised by politicians, no apology is necessary.

Either the whole event creamed the top or it altars relational dynamics. Looks like the heads checked in the same hotel.