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Netizens support gov’t decision to bring Taylor Swift to S’pore in exclusive concert deal

Most Singaporeans strongly back the exclusive hosting of Taylor Swift, seeing it as a smart economic move. Despite neighboring criticism, Minister Edwin Tong denies overspending allegations. Internet users praise the decision, highlighting Singapore’s competitiveness.



SINGAPORE: Netizens have expressed their support for the government’s decision to host Taylor Swift exclusively in Singapore, hailing it as a strategic move to bolster the nation’s economy and cultural standing.

In a Facebook post about the commercial arrangement that garnered attention, the majority of online users praised Singapore’s initiative, lauding it as a “smart move” to attract international attention and stimulate economic growth.

Many highlighted the potential benefits for local businesses and the country’s reputation on the global stage.

Singapore’s Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Edwin Tong, said on Monday (4 March) that the government “moved fast and early” to bring Taylor Swift’s The Era tour show to Singapore.

Amid public scrutiny regarding the size of the taxpayer-funded grant to secure the show, Mr Tong reassured during a Parliament session that the reported figures were inaccurate and not as high as rumoured.

However, he refrained from disclosing the exact amount, citing business confidentiality reasons.

Exclusivity clause draws ire from neighboring countries

Earlier, Singapore’s exclusive deal with Taylor Swift drew criticism from neighbouring countries, with Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin expressing discontent.

At a business forum on 16 Feb, Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin alleged that the Singapore government had offered US$2 million to US$3 million (S$2.69 million to S$4.04 million) per show in exchange for exclusivity in Southeast Asia.

“If I had known this, I would have brought the shows to Thailand,” he added, according to Bangkok Post.

However, in a recent interview with Channel NewsAsia (CNA), Mr Tong challenged claims of high spending, refuting earlier statements by Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin.

Diverging from assertions that Singapore spent up to US$3 million per concert, Mr Tong stated, “The numbers that you see online – it is nowhere as high as what is being speculated.”

CNA’s report suggests that the actual amount Singapore committed to securing Swift’s six shows falls significantly lower, between US$2 million to US$3 million in total, countering the higher figures previously circulated.

“What I’ll say is this: It’s not just about a grant or a deal, but the overall package,” he said, implying that the decision to host Swift was part of a larger strategy, though specifics of this strategy and its outcomes remain under discussion.

One Philippine lawmaker Joey Salceda, said that the move is “not what good neighbors do.”

“Our countries are good friends. That’s why actions like that hurt,” Mr Salceda said, as per The Straits Times (ST) report.

Nevertheless, despite Mr Salceda’s suggestion that the Philippines should express opposition to Singapore’s deal with Swift, he acknowledged that the “policy worked” for Singapore, as it increased hotel bookings in the city-state and stimulated air travel to the country.

“But it was at the expense of neighboring countries, which could not attract their foreign concertgoers, and whose fans had to go to Singapore,” he said.

“I don’t think we should just let things like this pass. We should still officially register our opposition. It also runs contrary to the principle of consensus-based relations and solidarity on which Asean was founded.”

Netizens in support of S’pore’s decision to bring Taylor Swift to S’pore

Although critics questioned the transparency and intentions behind the decision, the prevailing sentiment among netizens remained favorable.

In a Facebook post, the majority of comments endorsed the government’s choice to host Taylor Swift exclusively in Singapore, viewing it as a strategic move to enhance the nation’s economic prospects.

Users praised the decision as a demonstration of Singapore’s competitiveness and appeal as a destination for global events.

One user commended Singapore, stating, “Well done SG. That is competition and I hope other countries learn not to be mediocre as well,” implying that other countries could benefit from emulating Singapore’s approach.

Another user remarked that, “it takes two to tango,” emphasizing that Taylor Swift’s decision to exclusively perform in Singapore, despite potentially higher offers elsewhere, reflects her confidence in the city-state.

“Blame Taylor Swift for agreeing to this “unfair” condition,” the user wrote.

“Taylor will not perform in other countries even if they offered S$10 million. Just shows how much confidence she has in Singapore.”

The “unfair condition” could possibly relate to individuals who were critical of the entire concept involving Taylor Swift and the deal with Singapore, as one user put it, “Brilliant move, but selfish.”

Another user also expressed the view that the situation “is not fair,” suggesting that the Singaporean government orchestrated a “back door deal” to exclusively control the concert.

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Releasing elderly couple’s personal financial data in media ok, considered in the public interest.

Splurging millions of taxpayers monies on swifty performances considered state secret. No need to be transparent

WTF is happening in red dot?

Shows how our pappies think and work – it is all about money-sense, forget the moral and human issues. Must win at all cost.

Still blur why they couldn’t solve our TFR issue, cannot raise our productivity, cannot achieve Swiss standards for citizens, must blame voters as Free Riders when they are losing the ppl confidence, etc…? Aiyoh, Ah Boy thinks money can buy anything, hor. Yeah, pls buy a legacy for his mediocre 19+ years tenure as highest paid PM in the world. Maybe the Sia Suay Legacy.

If nothing else, it’ll give Swifties flying in, … a real economic sense of just how very expensive “things” are in SillyPore, …information, which I’m certain will be passed onto their friends and family !!!! Cultural standing, … now that’s a new one on me that. Highest bid plus perks plus benefits won the day surely. Fact that TongTong still wouldn’t reveal the amount of taxpayer monies spent, … is in itself testimony to SillyPore’s transparency and economic standing !!! Enjoy the shows, but, … less bragging and chest thumping as Taylor wouldn’t want her presence in the red dot,… Read more »

The payment of millions of dollars, possibly into tens of millions (as the pap prefers secrecy rather than transparency and openness) is simply amazing. And to even imagine citizens approve of such opaqueness and secrecy behind the wanton expenditure of their hard earned dollars? I find that very hard to believe indeed.

Business is Business!!!!
How you do it matters???

I still have no idea on what is so great about Taylor Swift and her vapid music.

Ownself create a group call Netizens … Then the overlords just push on the internet … Just like so many of their monikers online … To represent their “armies” …