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Singapore explores Gillman Barracks for new residential development

National Development Minister Desmond Lee reveals plans at the Committee of Supply debate to transform Gillman Barracks into a residential area with public and private housing, leveraging its colonial charm and green spaces.



The Singaporean government is currently evaluating the potential of Gillman Barracks, a renowned arts and lifestyle hub located at the southern tip of Alexandra Road, for transformation into a mixed-use residential area.

National Development Minister, Desmond Lee, shared with Parliament the plans for a new neighbourhood, blending both public and private housing, aimed at accommodating the growing demand for homes near the city centre.

Gillman Barracks, with a rich history dating back to its completion in 1936, originally served as housing for the Middlesex Regiment, marking it as the second British infantry regiment stationed in Singapore during the colonial period.

Post-colonial era, the barracks were repurposed by the Singapore Armed Forces through the 1970s and 1980s, and later transformed into a lifestyle cluster in the 1990s.

The site currently houses a variety of tenants including art galleries and food and beverage outlets, whose leases are set to expire by 2030. These tenants are assured by the Ministry of National Development (MND) and the Housing Board that they can remain until their leases conclude.

The Singapore Land Authority (SLA), overseeing Gillman Barracks since March 2020, had even announced new tenancies as recently as April 2023.

Positioned within Telok Blangah, Gillman Barracks is also under review as part of the Heritage and Identity Structure Plan by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), influencing Singapore’s development strategy for the next 50 years and beyond.

With no current heritage protections for the barracks’ buildings or structures, environmental and heritage assessments are scheduled between the second quarter of 2024 and the first half of 2026 to facilitate sensitive planning for the site’s future.

Government agencies are committed to engaging with existing tenants about forthcoming changes, hinting that the new residential area could leverage the colonial charm and proximity to green spaces like the Southern Ridges and Labrador area parks.

Although details on the size of the study area are yet to be disclosed, authorities promise more information in due course.

Furthermore, the potential for extending or retaining the current uses of Gillman Barracks will be decided after the completion of these studies. Currently, the barracks is part of a roughly 27ha reserve site according to URA’s 2019 masterplan, hinting at its undecided future usage.

In related news, Minister Lee revealed plans for the construction of about 10,000 homes in the upcoming Chencharu housing estate near Khatib MRT station, with a completion target by 2040.

This initiative is part of Singapore’s broader efforts to meet housing demands, incorporating public flats, recreational, community, and commercial facilities to enhance the Yishun area’s vibrancy.

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So many places with green lungs, secondary forests, big open fields getting demolished to accommodate new housings? Is it to cater to the ever mass importing of new citizens and new PRs, to the tune of 40k to 70k a year? Even during Covid-19 in 2020, we still managed to let in 40k+ of them.

Every where I go, I hear homes getting renovation with the noises generated. Some blocks even have 2 ongoing renovations concurrently and as many as 8 to 10 for a block of 100 flats in a year.

Another beautiful green space set to be demolished.

This site used to host a Colonial-Era Military base. The now fractured emblem of troops that once stationed there can still be found hidden in the forest. Why not turn it into a tourist site in the jungle?

But okay, the reserves must be empty after the unknown billions in loses from 2020 until now.

What ever happened to Tema$ek Holding$ and $GIC$’s investment into Mainland China?

Now that the Chinese economy is beginning to crumble, is the money safe or has it gone down the toilet?

Last edited 1 month ago by Blankslate

Hello, HDB where got PAP make a lot.

The whole area is All Condo.

Trying to make some money for PAP, before his Exit.
Good Play Boy.

Question is …How are they expecting the population to grow so much, with so much demand for housing?
Unless they intend to open the GATE WIDE….VERY WIDE indeed!😆😆😆😆