Minister Desmond Lee: No immediate changes to penalties for MOP rule breaches by property agents

MND Minister Desmond Lee said the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) has no immediate plans to reconsider penalties for breaching minimum occupation period (MOP) rules.

He emphasized the CEA’s disciplinary actions, which encompass fines and registration suspensions for errant property agents.

This stands despite recent cases where agents received fines of only S$1,000 and S$500 for advertising BTO flats that did not meet the required five-year MOP.

Singapore to revisit equitable housing options: Echoes of opposition proposals?

Singapore’s National Development Minister Desmond Lee announces plans to study more equitable housing access, echoing proposals and ideology previously rejected from the opposition Progress Singapore Party. The move raises questions about the government’s shifting stance on public housing policies.

Singapore-Malaysia agree to set up a special economic zone

Malaysia and Singapore have agreed to establish a special task force aimed at studying the Johor-Singapore special economic zone. The collaboration aims to enhance investment, generate high-quality jobs, and facilitate seamless movement of people, goods, and businesses between Johor and Singapore.