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Desmond Lee acknowledges Iswaran’s corruption probe had ‘big impact’ on West Coast GRC ahead of upcoming election

In a recent ST interview, National Development Minister Desmond Lee acknowledged that CPIB’s probe against Transport Minister Iswaran indeed had a “big impact” on West Coast GRC helmed by PAP.

During GE2020, PAP narrowly secured the GRC with 51.69 per cent of the votes, against the newly founded Progress Singapore Party led by veteran politician Dr Tan Cheng Bock.



SINGAPORE: National Development Minister Desmond Lee acknowledged in a recent interview that the corruption probe carried out by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) against PAP Transport Minister S. Iswaran has indeed had a “big impact” on West Coast GRC under the PAP team.

During an interview with The Straits Times and Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao, Mr Lee, who supervises the Boon Lay ward in West Coast GRC, expressed concern about the CPIB’s investigation into the Minister, labelling it as a “very worrying development.”

When questioned about the ongoing impact of the incident on his GRC, Mr Lee emphasized, “It has had an impact, is a big impact.”

However, he did not elaborate further on this in the interview.

Despite the ongoing situation, Mr Lee emphasized that their primary objective remains unchanged: serving the residents without any disruption to the essential services they rely on.

“But that has not distracted us from the important mission of continuing to serve our residents and ensuring that there is no disruptive trend to service continuity, that there are people that residents will continue to look for assistance,” he said.

He said members of Parliament (MPs) in the group representation constituency are working to engage residents and tackle pressing issues such as cost of living and inequality.

Reflecting on the period since the news emerged in July, Mr Lee expressed satisfaction, stating, “Since (the news broke) in July, we have been able to hold the team together, energise them to continue serving the ground with passion and dedication.”

Commenting on the upcoming leadership handover from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, Mr Lee expressed optimism, “It is important for there to be leadership renewal, but (I’m) assured and confident that it will be a continuum rather than a disruption and reformation.”

On the future Cabinet’s composition, Mr Lee expressed certainty that the younger ministers will continue to benefit from the wisdom and experience of their older counterparts. These senior ministers possess the ability to make difficult decisions and effectively communicate their rationale to the people.

He expressed his hope that Singaporeans would support the leadership transition. Doing so, he believes, will provide the 4G team with the necessary mandate to navigate the nation into the future, especially during these challenging times, both for the world and for Singapore.

Iswaran under ongoing CPIB investigation since July 2023

Amidst turmoil for the PAP, Minister Iswaran faced an ongoing CPIB investigation.

In mid-July, CPIB confirmed Iswaran’s arrest on 11 July alongside billionaire businessman Ong Beng Seng in connection with a corruption probe.

Both individuals were released on bail, and Iswaran, with his passport confiscated, was directed to take a leave of absence pending the investigation conclusion.

During a Parliament session on 2 August, PM Lee disclosed that CPIB discovered information about Iswaran warranting further investigation, first notifying him on 29 May.

On 5 July, CPIB’s Director briefed the Prime Minister, stressing the necessity for a formal interview with Iswaran to progress the inquiry. PM Lee sanctioned this on 6 July.

Consequently, Iswaran was brought in by CPIB on 11 July and later released on bail.

PM Lee confirmed that the ministerial pay of Minister Iswaran had been slashed to S$8,500 until further notice, following his relief from ministerial duties. He also noted that Iswaran still receives his allowance as an MP.

Notably, ministerial salaries have not seen adjustments since 2012. The benchmark ministerial monthly salary is set at S$55,000, equating to an annual income of S$1,100,000. Of this sum, S$715,000 is fixed, while the remaining portion is variable.

Minister Iswaran is expected to remain in Singapore amidst the investigation and will be denied access to official resources and government buildings.

The ST reported that when reached for comment, the CPIB refused to offer any updates regarding the ongoing investigation, leaving Singaporeans awaiting the truth since the allegation surfaced six months ago.

PAP narrowly secured West Coast GRC during the GE2020

During GE 2020, under the leadership of S. Iswaran and Desmond Lee, the PAP team narrowly clinched victory with 51.69 per cent of the votes, securing the seat against the Progress Singapore Party (PSP) led by veteran politician Dr Tan Cheng Bock.

This marked a notable decline of 26 percentage points in the PAP’s vote share from the 2015 election, where they garnered a commanding 78.57 per cent against the Reform Party (RP).

The PSP secured 48.31 per cent of the vote, accumulating 138,416 valid votes out of 146,251 cast.

Since its establishment in 1997, the West Coast GRC has previously experienced two walkovers and faced challenges from the Workers’ Party and the Reform Party.

However, until this recent election, the PAP had never secured less than 66.6 per cent of the votes in the region.

Dr Tan, a former PAP backbencher, founded the alternative party PSP in March 2019.

During the GE2020, the PSP fielded candidates across nine constituencies, vying for a total of 24 seats. Dr Tan himself contested in the West Coast GRC.

On 27 May 2023, Dr Tan stated his readiness to run in the upcoming election, as he never shies away from a fight.

Speculation suggests that in the aftermath of an extramarital affair scandal involving former Parliamentary Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin and former Tampines MP Cheng Li Hui, the ongoing investigation against Minister Iswaran and the Ridout Road controversy involving Ministers K Shanmugam and Vivian Balakrishnan, alternative parties might have an increased likelihood of challenging PAP strongholds.

Of notable importance is the prevailing group sentiment regarding concerns about the cost of living, inflation, housing, and job insecurity, which significantly influences the ground-level support for the ruling party.

On 20 August last year, PM Lee revealed intentions to step down in favour of Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, potentially around the PAP’s 70th anniversary on 21 November 2024, although an exact timeline was not disclosed.

Despite the absence of a clear timeline, PM Lee’s announcement suggests a likelihood of the General Election occurring in 2024, possibly before the party’s anniversary in November.

In response to the PAP’s dominant 2/3 majority in Parliament, Singapore’s political landscape has witnessed increased manoeuvring,  intensifying grassroots outreach efforts, and witnessing alternative parties forming political alliances — both formal and informal — to contest in the upcoming GE.


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$8.5k a month. not bad

best answers to come from cotton lovers and pineapple lovers? did you vote them? what do you think?

I believed that ultimately the public having known of the case of alleged corruption of former transport minister n they will like to know the progress of the case since the case is discovered last year n surely more than half a year ago, there will surely b progress in the investigation.

Make No Mistake. Under No Illusion. The World is the Audience, and Investors are eager to listen the truth from PAP Administration and as such this PAP has to WORK THEIR SOCKS OUT how to Calm, how NOT to create a storm – and have TO TELL THE PERFECT STORY that’s why they ARE TAKING an UNBERABLE SHORT-LONG time TO CRAFT the MOST CONVINCING TALE to engross the world. Number One in the world, SQUEAKY CLEAN reputation MUST be UPKEEP. Do NOT miss, this cunning PAP has to consider what the British Crown Courts has stg to tell the world… Read more »

Not sure why Ah Loong kept Iswaran as a minister for as long as he did. Iswaran has LONG lost interest in his “job”. I mean, just look at the photo of Iswaran at the top. That’s a face of someone that is completely disinterested.

My view is that West Coast GRC is there for the taking. I pray the opposition (and whichever team that will stand there) will lay the foundation now if they have not done so.

No more chances
No more

No more trust
No more

No more PAP
No more

No, No, No,…

But your skin is thick

So it APPEARS very very clearly this PAP Administration has been able to voluntarily AFFORD to FORFEIT the presence of so many of their Political Office holders, MPs to serve Sheeps.

Then what the hell so many of them 80 PLUS OCCUPY Parliament for what SHIT? All To SAY YES to pass their One Sided Laws?

And it’s TAX PAYERS BURDEN footing all of their SALARIES for being on ‘MC’ or SACKED on or Half Pay? No?

Where is THE PEACEFUL LIFE of Sheeps? Tharma abdication of duties as MP. Isawaran investigated FOR alleged wrongs. Edwin heart ♥ malfunctioned become less than ideal Monster for SG. Tan Chuan Jin sought sexual adventures. Cheng Li Hui Fantasize Tan Chuan Jin sexual abilities. Keppel Briberies. Bungalow Rental, citizens UNHAPPINESS and Uneasiness. Fujian illicit money tsunami impacts in SG, into banks, Immigration, Various Govt Licensing depts. How many has AFFECTED the character and fortitude of SG’s whose lives ARE UPENDED by SERIES of Non Stop Skyhigh Expenses even facing an EXPENSIVE ROOF over their heads? Why are SHEEPS being taxed… Read more »

1.Sheeps, Voters ARE SHORT CHANGED BY PAP Administration

2.(POFMA must also apply 🙂

3.MORE AND MORE Impacts must have had been felt, and still being felt :

4.Tan Chuan Jin’s ADLUTERY consequences PERMEATE PAP Administration clean image,

5.Edwin Tong’s ‘LESS THAN FEASIBLE TO CARRY OUT DUTIES’ Condition after HEART op.

6.Tharman RESIGNATION towards being EP.

Probably one reason why Loong is handing over to LawlanWong. It is one thing that voters (aka labeled “Free Riders”) has lost confidence in Loong as seen in the last 3-4 elections. It is quite another thing that even the pappies 4G team is losing confidence in him since the sacred “C” word was very malu exposed to the public under his tenure. Never thought their Golden Goose would becomes a Liability, hor.

Fact is, the voters in West Coast rather Iswaran and his comrades than Dr TCB’s, … … and they fully deserve all of the disruption, uncertainty and negativity that the corruption probe brings !!!

Whether Iswaran is cleared or not, … fact remains that he belongs to the party that voted for the GST increments and everything else that’s happening on the island !!!

SillyPoreans truly deserve the hardships and cost of living crisis that they are experiencing, … with more to come, given the policies and path of this regime.

DL does not have to worry that he may have to lead the battle alone for that hot seat as his indispensable buddy would most likely be “MAGICALLY CLEARED” of all wrong doings just in time for the impending GE.Let’s see what will happen to that interesting hot seat in the coming GE.Your guess is as good as any Sg voters from that GRC.

It is pretty obvious that Tan Chang bock party will take over west coast grr unless dirty tricks to break up the constituency is in the works?

My family n I will vote in west coast!

Classifying as a ‘ COMPLEX ‘ case .

Where got impact .

Pigs all over the island .

If you Can’t be Pillar to those doing the Right thing then get out of the way or step down instead of waiting for you to spin story!!!! Or forcing next generation to be like you, full of lies and corruption!!!!

Acknowledge WHAT? There is Zero Reporting from the State Media about the Case. Zero!!! Even simple case on murder of neighbour, I dun even see the WHY? Must go to Chinese Reporting to see the WHY? Tell me WHY? Play punk with the info. Happy add or omit info.

The why train children to write with 5w and 1 h when adult happily omit it as and when!!!?