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SDP Chee Soon Juan calls for legal support to challenge POFMA case

Dr Chee Soon Juan contests POFMA directive, calling for lawyers’ pro bono assistance. He highlights issues in a video statement, sparking varied responses from supporters and critics.



SINGAPORE: Dr Chee Soon Juan, the Secretary-General of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), has issued a call for legal assistance in his pursuit of a legal challenge against the government’s position after receiving a correction directive under the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA).

According to a statement released on the government fact-checking website Factually, Dr Chee was accused of asserting in a video posted on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok on 17 February that the Government had rejected the idea of constructing flats suitable for multi-generational living.

Minister for National Development Desmond Lee, on 22 February, directed the POFMA Office to issue a correction directive (CD) to Dr Chee regarding his social media statements on public housing policies.

While Dr Chee complied with the authorities’ order to publish a correction notice on his social media accounts, he vehemently rejected the government’s interpretation and expressed his intention to potentially ‘mount a legal challenge to the government’s stance’ on his social media.

Dr Chee addresses POFMA directive in video statement

On 25 February, Dr Chee posted a video on his official Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts, discussing the situation and stating his intention to challenge the POFMA directive.

In the video, he started off by highlighting past instances, including a hoax involving the collapse of an HDB block roof in Punggol Waterway Terraces in 2016, which he argued was wrongly used to justify the introduction of POFMA.

Highlighting the irony of the situation, Dr Chee pointed out the government’s use of POFMA against him in the present day.

The issue in question pertained to his discussion on Build-To-Order (BTO) flats and multi-generational housing, which prompted a correction directive under POFMA.

Dr Chee said, “…ask yourself whether a debate like this should be categorised as online falsehood like the Punggol roof collapse incident…

“One is pure hoax and the other involves our housing policy.

“I caution against this PAP approach of applying POFMA the way that it is doing as it has a perfidious effect on society,” he said.

He noted that despite the government’s assertion that the correction notice would enable viewers to form their own conclusions, he questioned the necessity of labelling his statement as a “false statement of fact,” arguing that it should be considered an “alleged false statement of fact” instead.

“Why can’t it counter a critical viewpoint without forcing its opponent to label their views as “false” using POFMA,” Dr Chee said in the video.

Drawing attention to a judicial precedent set by the Court of Appeal, he emphasized that the determination of truth and falsehood should ultimately rest with the court based on evidence.

“The Court of Appeal the highest court in Singapore, noted in one of its rulings in an SDP case, that a statement is not declared false just because the minister has identified to be so,” he said.

“The Justices wrote that such a premise is “untenable” and they noted that: “The minister may, after all, be mistaken.”

In the video, Dr Chee expressed his intention to pursue legal recourse but highlighted the arduous and costly nature of the process, citing past experiences where the SDP had to allocate significant resources and endure prolonged litigation.

Seeking legal assistance, he calls for lawyers to consider offering pro bono representation in his case.

He also stressed in the video that he contested the assertions made by the Government. However, he found himself without an alternative but to adhere to the directive to post its Correction Notice.

Dr Chee highlighted the potential repercussions of non-compliance with the correction directive, including the government’s authority to block his social media platforms, which he said could hinder his communication with Singaporeans.

He emphasized the gravity of Singapore’s current situation, drawing parallels to the themes discussed in his latest book, It Starts With A Dream.

Concluding his video, he extended an invitation to engage in a post-reading discussion, which he will be hosting on Saturday, 9 March, 2024, at 3 PM at the Orange & Teal Rochester Mall.


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Online responses to Dr Chee’s video

Observing the comments across various platforms on his video, it appears there is a wide range of reactions from supporters of Dr Chee and his statements to those who oppose them.

Supporters of Dr Chee expressed their backing for him, hoping for his success in his “fight” with the government’s stance.

Conversely, those who opposed Dr Chee’s statements appeared to want him to cease what they perceived as “misleading” behaviour and advised him to avoid getting into trouble.

Interestingly, one commenter suggested that POFMA is not solely employed to counter falsehoods but is also utilized as “a form of character assassination,” implying that individuals who have been subject to POFMA directives are deemed untrustworthy.

“The ministers of the incumbent party have been caught with making false or misleading statements too, but they can get away with it by claiming they were “misquoted” or they have been “misrepresented,” the user added.

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On one hand we got lmw steps down because of pofma to show credibility. On the other hand we got this chap in denial asking for free service. Where your spine goes. Step down lah, is good for sdp and opposition wing. Your reputation stink.

The people of Bukit Batok SMC had the chance to elect Dr Chee Soon Juan as their MP. Instead they kept electing Part-Time MP Murali.

To Dr Chee Soon Juan, if you need donations I will be happy to contribute.

Do not listen to comments from the spineless. Not everyone is content with being a simp.

“Clever people” is a problem for you apparently. They have put you in a “box”. You also being clever are appealing, the irony,  to “clever people” to unbox you? No one has the guts to say “clever people” is the problem when 70% looked up to clever people under  the law of SIN. 

The problem with CSJ is that he still doesn’t choose his words carefully – he has much improved, but with sharks after him forever, he needs to be 101% sure of what he says forward. His comments on hdb not building multi-gen flats is a minor oversight (or plain dumb strategy. I believe he was misled because HDB did said it will stop building 3G flats some years back, but has since reversed the decision). It does NOT deserved a pofma order. JT’s remark that we can make babies in small spaces as solution to our continued dismal TFR issue… Read more »

Rather than the men in Black and White tie Loong and Obama …

The liar who cried foul. What a fucking joke!

99.9% lawyers in Singapore want money.
Only 1 lawyer dares to challenge

Ravi Madasamy

The moral fabric in Singapore is false
There is none.