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S’porean streamer Kiaraakitty banned from re-entering Taiwan after staging egg attack

S’porean Twitch streamer KiaraaKitty is banned from re-entering Taiwan after staging an egg attack on herself in Kaohsiung’s Qianzhen District on 9 Feb. The ban, up to five years, was imposed by Taiwanese authorities.



SINGAPORE: Singaporean Twitch streamer, KiaraaKitty, real name Cheng Wing Yee, has been prohibited from re-entering Taiwan following an incident where she staged an egg attack on herself during a stroll in Kaohsiung’s Qianzhen (前鎮區) District, Taiwan.

The ban, imposed by Taiwanese authorities, extends up to five years, as reported by Taiwan’s immigration department in a statement released on Tuesday, 27 February.

The incident, which occurred on 9 February, unfolded during one of KiaraaKitty’s livestreams on Twitch.

While live-streaming her trip, Kiaraakitty engaged with viewers when an unexpected encounter occurred: a “woman” emerged and threw eggs at her, alleging that Kiaraakitty had seduced her husband with suggestive photographs.

The assailant reportedly shouted, “You post sexy photos to seduce my husband!”

Cheng, bewildered, professed ignorance regarding the person’s spouse.

Following the altercation, Cheng speculated that the attack was linked to her content on OnlyFans, a subscription-based platform known for adult material.

Despite Cheng’s claims of reporting the incident to the police, authorities in Kaohsiung stated on 11 February that no such report had been filed.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the assailant was actually Cheng’s 32-year-old Singaporean male assistant.

It was uncovered that the entire episode was a premeditated stunt orchestrated by Cheng and her assistant to garner attention, as per Taiwanese media reports.

Kiaraakitty’s livestream apology 

In an attempt to mitigate the fallout from the incident, Cheng had issued a public apology during a livestream on 24 February, acknowledging that the video was a prank.

“This (kind of thing) doesn’t happen in Singapore,” she said to her viewer.

When asked about the egg-throwing incident, she replied that she just wanted “to be funny.”

This apology came after Kaohsiung police requested her to address the public, considering the adverse impact the incident had on the city’s reputation.

According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, referencing the immigration department, Cheng and her assistant have since departed Taiwan and are barred from re-entry for a period of up to five years.

The immigration department emphasized that while foreigners are welcome in Taiwan as tourists, engaging in illegal activities will not be tolerated.

“If cases similar to those that undermine social harmony and stability are found to be true after investigation, law enforcement will be implemented and severe punishment will be imposed,” the statement said.

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Taiwan is a safe developed country. The probability of this happening in reality is almost non-existent.

The acting in the video is also very bad. Clearly this woman does not have what it takes to be an actor.

But of course, the people following her are only interested in her “huge tracts of land.”

Is a 5 year entry ban an acceptable punishment for tarnishing the reputation of a country and its citizens? Let’s leave up to the citizens of Taiwan.

Last edited 4 months ago by Blankslate

These kind of people shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. IQ level of a goldfish.

She was lucky to just being banned entry to Taiwan for 5 years.

I believe she deserves at the minimum a fine if not a short stint of 1 week in jail.

She really embarrassed Singapore.

Isn’t it the Loong Empire Cheng entities like Cheng Li Hui, Cheng Wing Yee … Well, they believe they can fly … So of cos for content creation … No?!?