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S’porean streamer Kiaraakitty admits staging egg attack in Taiwan

Singaporean Twitch streamer Kiaraakitty admitted to faking an egg attack in Taiwan. Authorities said it was a hoax. She apologized during a live stream, saying she did it for humor.



SINGAPORE: Kiaraakitty, a Twitch streamer from Singapore, has admitted to staging an “attack” on herself, involving a “woman” throwing eggs at her while she was on the streets of Taiwan during her visit.

Authorities in Taiwan have confirmed that the attack was a hoax.

She had apparently told a male assistant to dress up as a local woman and pelt her with eggs.

On 24 February, the streamer issued a tearful apology during a live broadcast, as reported by China Times.

“This (kind of thing) doesn’t happen in Singapore,” she had said.

When asked about the egg-throwing incident, she replied that she just wanted “to be funny.”

The “attack”

The streamer, identified as Cheng (鄭) but commonly known as Kiaraakitty online, recounted an incident during a stroll in Kaohsiung’s Qianzhen (前鎮區) District on 9 February, wherein she claimed to have been assaulted by an unfamiliar woman, the Central News Agency (CNA) reported.

While live-streaming her trip, Kiaraakitty engaged with viewers when an unexpected encounter occurred: a woman emerged and threw eggs at her, alleging that Kiaraakitty had seduced her husband with suggestive photographs.

The assailant reportedly shouted, “You post sexy photos to seduce my husband!”

A clip during the livestream on Twitch captures Kiaraakitty expressing fear as the eggs were thrown toward her, with her audible response, “I don’t know who your husband is. Are you mad?”

Once the attacker seemed to exhaust her egg supply, she departed, leaving the streamer to attribute the attack to her OnlyFans content, asserting it as part of her life.

“I wanna cry,” she shared with her viewers, revealing the spot where the egg had struck her.

“What the hell! This is insane.”

Following the purported attack, Kiaraakitty pledged to report the incident to the authorities, though subsequent investigations revealed no such report had been filed.

The Central News Agency (CNA) reported that the Kaohsiung City police department confirmed the absence of a police report in response to the alleged assault.

However, it was stated that the Qianzhen branch initiated an investigation upon learning of the incident.

Contradictory reports emerged regarding whether Kiaraakitty had indeed filed a police report.

While The Daily Star cited the streamer affirming that she had made a report.

Furthermore, Kiaraakitty was reported to have speculated to Taiwan media that the attack might have stemmed from her engagement in more “adult content,” suggesting that someone may have “felt unhappy” about it.

She mentioned the incident on 9 February in a tweet posted on X platform.

Kiaraakitty’s assistant confesses to orchestrating the staged attack for entertainment

The revelation of the truth occurred on 11 February, when Kiaraakitty’s 32-year-old male assistant confessed to authorities that the purported attack had been orchestrated for entertainment purposes.

As reported by China Times, the assistant had disguised himself as a middle-aged woman to carry out the planned assault during the live stream.

Taiwan News revealed that after reviewing surveillance footage, it was discovered that the individual who threw the egg was the 32-year-old man from Singapore, disguised as a woman, and collaborating with the streamer.

Authorities said they managed to locate the man by tracking his movements on the subway system following the staged incident and subsequently identified his place of residence. He was summoned for questioning on 11 February.

The case was treated as a violation of the Social Order Maintenance Act, given that the pair had disseminated false information that disrupted public peace, as reported by Taiwan News.

The police reviewed the surveillance video and found that the man was dressed as a woman, wearing a wig and a red dress. After throwing the eggs, he walked to the MRT and left. (Photo via China Times, taken/faxed by Hong Jingyi, Kaohsiung)

In addition, police required Kiaraakitty to issue a public apology to the residents of Kaohsiung on her Facebook page or during a livestream, acknowledging the damage caused to the city’s reputation by her actions.

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