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Leong Mun Wai advocates for public asset disclosure among key office holders

Progress Singapore Party NCMP Leong Mun Wai questions the Prime Minister on public asset disclosure for politicians, key personnel in the Civil Service and Government-linked corporations.



During the Parliament sitting on Monday (26 Feb), Mr Leong Mun Wai, a Non-constituency Member of Parliament from the Progress Singapore Party, raised a pivotal question regarding the transparency of asset disclosure within Singapore’s political and civil service sectors.

Mr Leong inquired whether the government would consider introducing public disclosure of assets for political office holders, key personnel in the Civil Service, and Government-linked corporations to enhance transparency and bolster public trust.

In response, Mr Chan Chun Sing, the Minister in Charge of Public Service, elucidated the existing procedures for asset declaration among Political Office Holders (POHs) and civil servants.

“The Code of Conduct for Ministers requires POHs to declare their sources of income, assets, and financial liabilities to the President through the Prime Minister upon their appointment to office,” said Mr Chan, who also serves as the Education Minister.

Likewise, civil servants must annually declare interests in investments and properties to their Agency Heads, as well as upon acquiring significant assets. However, Mr. Chan noted that Government-linked companies, being private entities, autonomously determine their stance on such matters.

Despite these established processes, Mr Leong’s query underscored a broader concern regarding the public disclosure of such assets, similar to practices in countries like the United States, South Korea, India, and Japan. Currently, the information is retained within the government or the Prime Minister’s office, and Singapore lacks a freedom of information law that would allow the public or press access to such information.

The United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) recommends that public officials declare their outside activities, employment, investments, assets, and any substantial gifts or benefits that might lead to a conflict of interest.

Moreover, the UNCAC, alongside Article 52.5, highlights the critical role of asset declarations in enhancing transparency and accountability within the public sector and in the recovery of crime proceeds.

A 2011 report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) revealed that 86% of OECD countries require their top leaders to disclose private assets, indicating a global trend towards greater transparency.

Advocates for the public disclosure of assets by key officials argue that it serves as a fundamental mechanism for combating corruption and maintaining a corruption-free country.

Public disclosure promotes transparency, allowing the financial affairs of public officials to be scrutinized by the electorate and the media.

This scrutiny is crucial for detecting conflicts of interest and acts as a deterrent against corruption, facilitating investigations into corruption allegations and fostering public trust in governance. The public nature of these declarations also invites active engagement from civil society and the media, promoting a culture of accountability and aligning with international anti-corruption standards.

The collective effect of these measures is a stronger, more corruption-resistant public administration framework, underpinning democratic values and economic development.

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The PAP Administration can INSTRUCT, DEMAND Govt services that is for the people, to serve the people, TO DISCLOSE PERSONAL, PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL information of Poor Sheeps on public assistance – why as Public Servanta, also serving the people, they NEED NOT DECLARE their assets?

Public Services from Govt Services Orgn, Stat Boards, and Ministers – are their SALARIES from tax payers?

So INFERENCE is ONLY POOR citizens NOT entitled to PRIVACY, and NEED no Confidentiality?

25 years ago Chiam asked the same question????
Still the same reply.

The word public in “public” office, serving the “public” , in the “public eye” and up to “public” scrutiny should say it all doesn’t it. Then again, it’s SillyPore isn’t it, and here in LaLaLand, … transparency, accountability and conflicts of interest within public officers holding public office and serving the public, … don’t always necessarily mean what it says !!! C’mon, if this regime can screw around with the “golden rule” and get away with “inside is not within”, and that the salary of the highest paid electrical engineer in the world is a state secret, … what bloody… Read more »

Fallacy in this declaration concept against corruption. Public got to judge subjectively. I am rich therefore I am less likely to corrupt Or I am rich because I am corrupted. I am poor because I am clean Or I am more likely to be corrupted?

My no.1 rule in life is not to know what others have either as asset or money, be it more or less than me but to make sure I am more than sufficient myself. Apparently like I had always said about LMW, he is an official oppo shit stirerr, so he would obviously stir such shit. He might have gone on to ask how many MP send their kids overseas Uni, how many times MP eat at posh restaurant per week, how much MP spend on their renovation…I know 2 clowns had the state paid alot for them on this… Read more »

So where the Key political holders go where and hide NOW!?! No media even to ask them questions!!!!!

All political entities are supposed to declare assets. No?!? Too greedy until cannot declare assets?!?

They not reporting to Xi or Biden or Trump… They the big shot cannot oversees these greedy entities yet wanna spawn more to make life hell for the people?!?

If can, why aren’t they removing these entities?!?

Don’t you silly oppies find this guy a real joke and mockery? Don’t bother to ask the couple what they have but now asking everyone to declare their assets wealth. Wrong timing, uncle.

Just like our reserves,the assets of Pappy’s elites are also deemed secrets which cannot be disclosed to SG voters in particular and the public at large.This would remain their style of governance period.So sad to witness such things can continue to happen in our once Sunny Singapore.

Many of those politicians are unnamed millionaires, if not billionaires….lol….forbes also does not know.

They will NOT DARE to declare their ASSETs!

No way lah!

Ownself knows ownself can loh