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Premature infants found decomposing in Al-Nasr Hospital, Gaza, post-evacuation

After the evacuation of Al-Nasr Hospital in November 2023, premature infants were tragically discovered decomposing on their hospital beds, raising concerns and prompting international outrage.



Premature infants, tragically abandoned during the evacuation of Al-Nasr Hospital in November 2023, were discovered to be still decomposing on their hospital beds.

Shared on 15 February by a user on X (formerly Twitter), a distressing video showcased the severe decomposition of these infants’ bodies, garnering 2 million views and evoking a range of emotions from global netizens.

On 27 November 2023, Emirati TV journalist Mohammed Baalousha reported the grim discovery of the decomposing infants in Al-Nasr’s pediatric ICU, located in Gaza City.

The evacuation occurred amidst the Israeli military’s continued ground invasion of northern Gaza, prompting repeated calls for evacuation from hospitals in the area.

As detailed in a 2 December 2023 report by NBC News, heavy gunfire and shelling, along with the encirclement of the hospital by Israeli tanks, prevented the safe evacuation of five premature babies reliant on oxygen machines.

Dr Mustafa Al-Kahlot, the hospital’s director, emphasized the impossibility of manually evacuating children in need of oxygen support amid such hazardous conditions.

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The world has lost it’s moral compass. This is considered as a genocide and condoned by the world.

Why not? They are Palestinians lesser in every way to the mighty Jews who crucified Christ on a cross centuries ago and are still into killing in this century with the support of the anti-Christ movement.