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S Iswaran granted permission to temporarily leave country amid corruption charges

Former Transport Minister S. Iswaran, facing 27 charges including corruption, has been allowed to leave Singapore to help his son with university in Australia, under strict conditions including S$500,000 bail.



Former Transport Minister S. Iswaran has been granted permission to temporarily leave the country to assist his son with university enrolment in Australia.

This application comes after Iswaran’s legal declaration of innocence in response to 27 charges against him on 18 January. These charges include allegations of corruption, acceptance of bribes in his capacity as a public official, and attempts to obstruct justice.

On 8 February, Iswaran, who is out on S$800,000 bail, appeared at the State Courts at 2:30 pm to request judicial approval for his overseas travel. Recognizing the severity of the accusations and the need for strict monitoring, the court has imposed several conditions on Iswaran’s travel permission. Notably, he is required to post a S$500,000 cash bail.

Additionally, Iswaran must provide his travel details to the investigating officer and remain accessible for communication. He is also required to surrender his travel documents within a 24-hour period after returning to Singapore.

The case’s escalation to the High Court, as announced by the prosecution, highlights the significant public interest it has aroused, underscoring concerns over integrity and accountability in public service.

The charges against Iswaran include two counts of corruption under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 24 counts of receiving benefits from business associates, and a single charge of obstructing justice under the Penal Code.

The allegations suggest that Iswaran received about S$145,434 in gratification from billionaire Ong Beng Seng in September 2022, aimed at promoting Ong’s business interests in dealings with the Singapore Grand Prix and the Singapore Tourism Board.

The gratification includes high-value items and privileges, such as flights on private jets, luxury accommodations, and exclusive tickets to the 2022 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix, amounting to approximately S$218,058.95 over several occasions.

The legal team defending Iswaran includes Senior Counsel Davinder Singh among others, while the prosecution is led by Chief Prosecutor Tan Kiat Pheng.

Following these charges on 18 January, Iswaran resigned from his parliamentary position and the People’s Action Party (PAP).

Prior to these events, Iswaran had a longstanding career in politics, starting with his election in 1997 as part of the PAP team for West Coast GRC. Throughout the years, he has held multiple ministerial roles.

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A SLAP on his Wrist?

It’s getting funnier…
Next, perhaps granted permission to watch EPL matches in London?
I dare not to bet against it

Allowed time off to go see his retirement village with a nice colonial bungalow somewhere is a South Asia country no doubt. Then expects Indraneey to say “insufficient evidence” to persecute, hence case closed. Just look at KOM case.

I was wondering whether the prosecution will end up doing what the DPP did for Leong wai mun and his son, mitigating instead of doing their job of prosecution? Why, even the presiding wise judge wondered out aloud as to why the DPP was mitigating for the accused instead of doing their duty of prosecution. I wonder…was Leong and his son protected special species? Will iswaran get his “get out of jail” card with just a very hefty fine in lieu??? Will he end up like teh cheang wan? Will he be acquitted eventually? Will his charges be mysteriously dropped… Read more »

Not as if all the other PAPs are 100% ” clean”.
I cant believe none of them “never” accepted gifts either innocently or otherwise..
Whether Iswaran was coerced into accepting or not, we dun know…
Hope he sings like a canary at his court trial…all the secrets will be revealed then…
But im sure he wont be allowed to…a deal will be struck..
Iswaran said he is innocent and will clear his name ….

Darth Vader Singh seems can get anyone anything?

$800,000 bail. Worth to run road or not?😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣