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Malaysian officer caught offering ‘discount’ bribe to tourist in Langkawi

In Langkawi, a Malaysian traffic officer provides a dubious ‘discount’ to a helmet-violating YouTuber, sparking authorities to investigate. Three officers now face arrest for bribery following a previous viral video with UK tourists.



MALAYSIA: Soon after a video of a Malaysian traffic police officer went viral for soliciting money from United Kingdom YouTubers during their travels in Ipoh, another video surfaced, showcasing a similar incident, this time in Langkawi.

Similar to the previous case, the tourist involved in Langkawi was also a YouTuber, hailing from Australia.

The vlog capturing the encounter was uploaded to his YouTube channel on 10 November 2023.

In the vlog description, the YouTuber mentioned that he had rented a motorcycle for a day to explore the town.

In the video, the YouTuber was riding the motorcycle without a helmet, while the woman accompanying him was wearing one.

The duo was stopped by a traffic police officer who inquired about the man’s license to ride the bike.

The man confirmed having a license, but the officer pointed out the violation of not wearing a helmet, imposing a fine of RM300 (S$85.01).

When the YouTuber asked if he could receive a ticket to pay later, the officer insisted on them following him to a police station about 10km away.

The officer explained that they feared tourists might leave the country without paying the fine if given the option to pay later.

He highlighted the difference in procedures, mentioning that locals have a month to pay, whereas foreigners must pay immediately at the police station and receive a receipt.

The officer then presented the YouTuber with options for a ‘discount,’ for RM100 (S$28.34), and the man agreed.

The transaction took place in an alley, as captured in the video with the statement, “We went to a back alley to do the transaction ;)”

Following the incident, the YouTuber expressed his anticipation of such encounters, noting the strict helmet-wearing regulations in Malaysia compared to Bali, where he used to ride without a helmet.

He also said that he was surprised he “kind of got away with it.”

Subsequently, he purchased a cheap helmet from a shop to avoid future fines, emphasizing the importance of safety.

Malaysian authorities respond to the video

Assistant Commissioner Shariman Ashari, Chief of Police in Langkawi, stated that they would not hesitate to take action against anyone involved in the viral incident.

The police are currently gathering information for further investigation and urge anyone with details about the incident to come forward.

In the latest update of the a police officer who was caught soliciting from the UK couple, three Malaysian traffic police officers have been arrested.

They have been granted a three-day remand under Section 384 of the Penal Code, commencing on 30 January.

You can watch the video here:

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From top to the very bottom, all on the ‘take’.
How will such country ever progress for another 60yr from now?😆😆😆

That is a normal habit over the causeway except they were caught on film so the head cop has to act to salvage their dignity.