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Malaysian cop caught soliciting RM100 from UK tourists in viral video

In a viral 30-minute video, a Malaysian traffic police officer solicits RM100 from a British couple, sparking outrage on social media. Malaysian authorities launch an investigation in response to the public outcry.



MALAYSIA: A Malaysian traffic police officer was captured on camera soliciting RM100 from a tourist couple traveling in Ipoh, Perak.

The incident was documented in a 30-minute video uploaded by a British couple on their YouTube channel ‘TREAD the globe,’ exposing the alleged act of solicitation by the officer.

Following the video’s viral spread, Malaysian authorities have confirmed their awareness and initiated an investigation into the incident.


While on a van tour in Malaysia, the couple encountered a police stop where they were informed of exceeding the speed limit at 70.5km/h in a 60km/h zone.

Seeking guidance, the woman driving asked the policeman what steps they needed to take.

The policeman replied, “I will issue a summons and you pay at the police station.”

He added, “If you pay at the police station, RM300 (approximately US$63). Pay here it is RM100 (US$21). Can ah?,” the officer asked the couple.

Unaware of the officer’s intentions, the couple opted to pay RM100 on the spot, and they inquired about the need for paperwork.

The policeman assured them it was unnecessary, declaring the matter resolved.

As the couple sat discussing the incident, the man beside the driver pondered whether they were indeed speeding.

However, he considered paying RM100 on the spot a preferable option compared to going to the police station and facing an RM300 fine.

Malaysian netizens react to alleged police solicitation in viral video

The widely-shared video clip, circulated by Malaysian netizens, has garnered immense attention with an impressive 2.5 million views.

Social media platforms were flooded with outraged comments, reflecting the public’s embarrassment and anger towards the alleged solicitation by the officer, especially during broad daylight.

Malaysian netizens expressed apologies to the YouTuber couple in the YouTube comments section.

Some remarked that the couple seemed unaware of the alleged scam by the policeman and sympathized with their unfortunate experience while traveling in Malaysia.

Others voiced anger and disappointment, urging authorities to take decisive actions to address the solicitation culture.

Police director vows thorough investigation

In response to the viral video, Datuk Mohd Azman Ahmad Sapri, the director of Bukit Aman Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department, confirmed that the police were aware and had initiated an investigation.

He emphasized a zero-tolerance policy for wrongdoing or misconduct by personnel, as reported by New Straits Times.

Assuring the public, Sapri stated, “We will thoroughly investigate the accusation against the policeman in the video, and he will face legal consequences.”

The public can rest assured that we will investigate the accusation against the policeman in the video and he will face the law,” he said in a statement.

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