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Netizens speak out on rising prices and shrinking portions in Singapore

A Reddit post about a S$4.20 chicken rice take-out sparked outrage over ‘shrinkflation.’ Gutzy’s report ignited a wave of online responses echoing frustrations.



SINGAPORE: Netizens have taken to social media platforms to voice their concerns regarding the escalating cost of living in the city-state.

This occurred after a disgruntled customer expressed his disappointment on Reddit upon purchasing a S$4.20 chicken rice take-out from Broadway Coffeeshop, only to find the serving size significantly diminished.

On Monday (22 January), the individual shared the experience of paying for more but receiving significantly less from the take-out meal.

Expressing dismay over the “shrinkflation,” he questioned the value of money, which sparked a wave of online responses echoing his disappointment.

Responses to inflation and smaller food portions on Facebook

On Wednesday (24 January), Gutzy picked up on the story, amplifying the discourse surrounding inflation and the diminishing quantities of food.

A quick glance at the comment section on Facebook reveals a chorus of voices echoing their frustration, with many users attesting to their own encounters with reduced portions despite escalating prices.

“Yes, food quantity has been significantly reduced as well especially when price remain the same,” remarked one commenter.

While another noted that it is “normal to see price increases and quantity decreases!”

Critics didn’t just stop at quantity; some users criticized the quality of the meals, likening them to scraps fit for a stray animal.

“You need at least 3x the portion to be considered anything just NEAR decent. Which means rightly speaking, you are paying close to $13 for a pathetic chicken rice,” he wrote, emphasizing the disparity between price and perceived value.

Amidst the discussion, one user emphasized that exchange rates do not determine economic success or purchasing power.

Even with the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) to Singapore dollar (SGD) exchange rate being high, it would only mean that it is cheaper to buy things overseas but not necessarily to spend in Singapore.

Some users pointed to the broader economic landscape, citing the rising costs of utilities despite efforts to conserve them.

“You are taught and encouraged by the PAP Government to conserve water and electricity. Doing that religiously, you still see your water and power bills rising.

“What’s next? Use water and power on alternate days? What kind of life is the PAP Government carving out for increasing number of Singaporeans?” the user wrote.

Additionally, a few individuals also recommended reporting the incident to The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), suggesting that the incident be escalated into a civil suit.

The user wrote, “Let this be a warning to other food vendors who wish to resort to the same tactics to think twice.”


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My opinion is GST has contributed to much of the escalation in prices though 8% to 9% may see prices raised by two times as an opportunity to increase prices. Who is to blame though we must say to allow hawkers to stay afloat if they are to continue with serving food to the public. Salarywise much depends on the viability of the company as we see many tech companies have been retrenching staff including the mnc like goggle, Microsoft, etc also suffer from the business setbacks. So there is no guarantee of pay rise if the company balance sheet… Read more »

Stupid people. The key to cope with rising prices is to get smart, upgrade yourself and earn more. When you earn a lot and can afford to drive around in merc, are you going to complain about rising prices? When you are rich, you don’t complain, understand. To get rich, do the right thing. Vote PAP!

70% voted for this so enjoy the outcome. People who are unable to understand cause and effect will have to experience it. Perhaps they will know now why we need Opposition representation.

This BUNCH of self proclaimed Millionaire Talents condemning those earning $500,000 salaries as mediocre, UNFIT for political office (sly BW Renters are super fit), DO NOT HAVE effective policies, strategies of actions to tackle and solve IMPORTANT EXISTENT problems BREWING for decades like productivity and birth rates, still Have the LYING tongue to BS plans they cater land for the UNBORN – which of course monkeys know and understand they are plotting to INVITE 1,000,000s of 3rd world trash.

How has this Millionaire PAP Administration come out with progress measures to enhance lives of ordinary Sheeps over the last 10 years or so?

Count. Count. Count. Please count them on One hand will do.

But the discrimination policies against locals, favour Trash, anti freedom, scandals, briberies, Police Corruption of duties (suicides), judiciary malfunctions, continuous MISUSE AND WASTE of National Reserves – NEED to use a Computer to Tabulate a Microsoft Excel Sheet.

Last edited 4 months ago by 80twenty

Those who got cheated by hawkers many times before and yet never learned lesson. Still want to patronize them. So a sucker is born every minute. You lose your self dignity as their customer ! Why should you as a customer bringing business to them be humiliated by these hawkers until no face with their daylight robbery prices ? Worse still need to self service and wait in line long long, pay another 50¢ for their take-away container but they refused your own container if you bring it along citing food poisoning hazard, 10¢ for fork, spoon and chopsticks, 5¢… Read more »

A slow but steady groundswell of discontent, disquiet and despondency is building up, … which was always gonna occur, whence all the utility hikes, sustenance costs and GST increment, eventually takes shape and bites !!!

Let’s see if the majority will be “moved”, … given that it’s actually impacting them directly and personally, or, … are they so “far gone” and “beyond resuscitation”, where they still believe that it’s this overpaid regime that remains their saviour and guiding light !!!