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Malaysian man pays only RM258 for his wife’s brain surgery

A Malaysian man, amazed by Malaysia’s healthcare, paid only RM258 for his wife’s life-saving brain surgery and a 26-day hospital stay. He praises the compassionate system, emphasizing its affordability and excellence.



Lee with his wife in hospital for surgery

MALAYSIA: A man recently shared his astonishment after discovering that he only had to pay RM258 (US$54.7) for his wife’s brain surgery and a 26-day hospital stay at a government hospital.

On 9 January, Lee Vi Hua expressed his relief and gratitude in a Facebook post, recounting the success of his wife’s surgery and emphasizing the unexpectedly low cost of her hospitalization.

Lee recounted the challenging journey that began on 15 December when his wife suddenly experienced a severe headache at home, just two days before their planned family trip to Japan.

In response to her escalating discomfort, he decided to take his wife to a local clinic, where she received painkillers.

However, even after the medication, her headache persisted, making it difficult for her to sleep that night.

Faced with the escalating situation, he made the decision to bring his wife to a private hospital.

To their dismay, a subsequent CT scan revealed a ruptured blood vessel in the brain, leading to bleeding attributed to a ruptured aneurysm.

The recommended course of action was an urgent brain coiling procedure, available exclusively at a private hospital or Sultanah Aminah Hospital in Johor Bahru.

Opting for the private hospital, Lee was confronted with an estimated cost of RM150,000 (US$31,800) for the surgery.

Despite having insurance, he admitted to harbouring secret concerns about the potential financial burden.

Lee expresses gratitude for affordable healthcare

However, circumstances took an unexpected turn when his wife tested positive for COVID-19 on 17 December.

Adhering to Health Ministry regulations, she was subsequently admitted to a government hospital, necessitating the continuation of the treatment for the brain aneurysm.

The subsequent two weeks proved challenging, with Lee’s wife isolated in a COVID-19 ward while awaiting a consultation with the public hospital’s neurosurgeon, who was on vacation.

Despite these setbacks, Lee expressed gratitude that his wife’s two-hour surgery proceeded as planned on 7 January, and she was discharged just two days later.

The most astonishing revelation came in the form of the final bill – a mere RM258 (US$54.7) for three weeks of food, accommodation, and the expertise of the medical team.

In a profound expression of appreciation, Lee commended Malaysia’s compassionate healthcare system, asserting that the cost would have been exponentially higher if they had chosen a private hospital.

A similar incident occurred in October of the previous year, highlighting yet another example of Malaysia’s accessible healthcare system, as experienced by Mr Ker, who incurred a minimal expense of only RM30.50 (US$6.5) for his father’s surgery and subsequent hospital stay.

Lee’s affordable healthcare story sparks positive outpouring and shared experiences

Ever since Lee shared the story about his wife’s surgery and the affordability of Malaysia’s healthcare, it has garnered substantial attention, accumulating more than 4,700 likes, 2,700 shares, and 691 comments from engaged netizens.

Numerous well-wishers expressed their prayers for Lee’s wife’s speedy recovery.

In addition to these sentiments, several netizens took the opportunity to share their own positive experiences with Malaysia’s affordable healthcare system.

One user recounted their personal surgery experience in a Malaysian government hospital, highlighting the cost-effectiveness of the procedures.

They praised the hospital’s excellent service and positive attitude, emphasizing the overall affordability.


Another user shared their uncle’s experience at Johor Bahru General Hospital, attesting to the minimal cost of RM150 (US$31.8) for the entire hospitalization.

This user commended Malaysia’s public healthcare system, ranking it among the top 10 in the world based on its cost-effectiveness.

hospital bill comment

Yet another user emphasized the high standard of government hospitals despite occasional manpower shortages.

They expressed gratitude for the generosity of government hospital charges and praised the quality of service and medical standards, despite the ongoing challenges related to staffing shortages.


Malaysia ranks third globally for reliable healthcare service

Malaysia is globally recognized for its excellent healthcare services, securing the third position in reliability according to a survey by Ipsos, with Switzerland and Singapore leading.

The country’s healthcare system, known for its accessibility, operates on a two-tier structure, combining a government-supported universal healthcare system and an efficient private sector.

The industry is expected to reach RM127 billion (US$30 billion) by 2027, driven by factors like an ageing population and increased life expectancy.

Notably, Malaysia’s healthcare fees are among the most affordable globally, approximately 40% lower than those in the United States and the United Kingdom.

This affordability is made possible through the government’s substantial subsidization, covering up to 98% of healthcare expenses.

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does that mean the malaysian parents who came to SG to beg for money to save their child are all scammers?

This is nothing lah….Sinkie only need to pay S$8 for open heart surgery, somemore done by top specialist!!😆😆😆😆

Nobody believes it cos it is Boleh Land. Maybe in 1970 SG healthcare would probably be under a few hundred bills BUT half a century later, the story is different. Even a dental surgery and unexplained treatment is now around the 5K mark …

I guess .. coz we have the biggest healthcare scam?

No medisave collected. Malaysia has upheld the basic right of all its citizens in giving them health care at nominal fee. No Malaysian will say , I am sick I better die because I cannot afford health care. This is the worth of citizenship of a country unlike Singapore where the PAP keeps increasing the medisave as we age and still collects a cash difference on almost every visit to the hospital or clinic despite age. Canadians also enjoy free medical care. We are truly cursed to have such a govt like the PAP.

We have our own Khaw Boon Wan with his S$8 hospital bill to show off.

Can you beat that Malaysia? Ha ha….

SillyPoreans who’ve dedicated their lives and committed their future generations to the pap, … had best not read articles such as this.

Then again, SillyPoreans can and will often cite, … safety, reliability, transparency, accountability, incorruptibility and all the “tys” that spring to mind, … this side of the causeway, as their preferred option, any day, all day !!!

Anyways, … …… … ……