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Malaysian astonished by affordable healthcare, pays just nearly US$7 for father’s hospital bill with surgery

A Malaysian was pleasantly surprised by the affordability of healthcare for citizens at the nation’s facilities.

His father had a three-night stay at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, and the bill came to just RM30.50 (US$6.45) for the entire hospital stay.



SABAH, MALAYSIA: A heartwarming healthcare story from Malaysia highlights the nation’s dedication to providing affordable healthcare for its citizens.

This reputation was further validated when a man had a personal experience during his father’s hospitalization for a major surgical procedure.

Sharing his poignant account on his social media profile (dated October 4th), local entrepreneur Richard Ker detailed his father’s admission at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Exceptional care at an affordable price

Throughout the three-day hospital stay, Mr Ker recounted that the medical staff consistently delivered exceptional care until the patient’s discharge.

On the first day, Mr Ker and his father received clear instructions at the hospital. Nurses provided excellent support, facilitating his father’s comfort, conducting thorough tests, and explaining the surgery.

The following morning, his father underwent the surgery, which went smoothly and concluded within about two hours. Notably, diligent nurses and doctors maintained regular check-ups and ensured meals were served.

On the third day, Mr Ker’s father was discharged. The shocking part came when the bill arrived: a mere RM30.50 (US$6.45) for the entire hospital stay.

This experience made him personally believe in the superiority of Malaysia’s healthcare system, which he regarded as the best globally.

“Yes, that was everything. Unbelievable. Not sure if there’s anywhere else in the world with this price. ”

Twitter echoes with shared tales of affordable and outstanding healthcare in Malaysia

His tweet garnered widespread agreement from netizens, who shared their own stories of affordable and excellent healthcare in Malaysian hospitals.


Another netizen shared that his father was diagnosed with lung cancer in early 2020 and has been battling the disease ever since. Unfortunately, his condition worsened when he suffered an acute stroke last May.

The netizen expressed profound gratitude to the dedicated staff at KK and Sandakan hospitals for their unwavering efforts in providing care and support for his father throughout this challenging journey.


One individual highlighted the quality of general hospitals in Malaysia compared to other countries.


Premature birth and complex medical procedures lead to a modest RM500 bill

Another shared a story of giving birth prematurely and undergoing multiple medical procedures, resulting in a hospital bill of just RM500 (US$105.8).


Malaysia ranks third globally for reliable healthcare service

Malaysia boasts an internationally acclaimed healthcare system that has earned recognition for its excellence.

Based on a survey conducted by research organization Ipsos, Malaysia currently secures the third position in the global rankings for reliable service, with Switzerland and Singapore leading as second and first, respectively.

This healthcare system, as highlighted by ASEAN Briefing, is not only renowned but also accessible to a significant portion of the population.

It operates on a two-tier structure, comprising a government-backed universal healthcare system and a highly efficient private healthcare sector.

Anticipating robust growth, the healthcare industry is projected to reach RM127 billion (equivalent to US$30 billion) by 2027.

This growth is primarily driven by the increasing demand for healthcare services, fueled by factors such as an aging population, growing affluence, and an extended life expectancy.

Remarkably, Malaysia offers some of the most affordable medical fees globally, with costs being approximately 40 per cent lower than those in the United States and the United Kingdom.

This affordability is achieved through the government’s generous subsidization of up to 98 per cent of healthcare expenses.

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We are reminded of how Khaw Boon Wan boasted his final operation and hospitable bill came to just S$8.

However, we must note the difference:
this very low cost was applicable to the ordinary Malaysian in a Sabah hospital.

In the case of KBW, he was a minister. Personally, I have yet to come across such a low bill like KBW’s among my friends.