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Iswaran vows salary return; PAP rejected motion to halt his MP allowance last year

S Iswaran resigned, vowing to return all pay since CPIB probe in July 2023. In Sept 2023, NCMP Hazel Poa’s motion to suspend his MP allowance during investigation was rejected by the PAP-dominated Parliament.



On Tuesday (16 January), Transport Minister S Iswaran tendered his resignation from Parliament and the People’s Action Party (PAP) following he handed 27 charges in court.

According to a statement from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Mr Iswaran formally resigned as a Cabinet Minister and PAP member after receiving notice of the charges from the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB).

Additionally, Iswaran stepped down as a Member of Parliament (MP) for West Coast GRC.

PM Lee disclosed, “On 17 January, Mr Iswaran further informed me that he would return all money received by way of salary as minister and allowances as MP from the commencement of the CPIB’s investigations in July 2023.”

In a statement posted on his Facebook account, Iswaran reiterated his innocence, vehemently rejecting all allegations.

He expressed his focus on clearing his name. In addition, He also pledged to return all salary as Minister and MP allowances received since the start of the CPIB’s investigations in July 2023.

Iswaran explained that returning the funds was a decision made by him and his family based on their belief in doing what is morally right.

“We cannot in all good conscience keep the monies when I was unable, on account of the investigations, to discharge my duties as a Minister and Member of Parliament in that period. ”

The CPIB’s discovery of incriminating information against Iswaran was first indicated to Prime Minister Lee on 29 May 2023.

A formal interview with Iswaran was deemed necessary by CPIB’s Director and was approved by the Prime Minister on 6 July 2023, leading to Iswaran’s subsequent arrest five days later.

As the investigation continues, Minister Iswaran has been restricted from leaving Singapore and accessing official government resources and buildings.

His ministerial salary has been reduced to S$8,500, although he continues to receive his annual Member of Parliament allowance of S$192,500 (approximately US$143,252).

If Iswaran intends to return both his ministerial salary and MP allowance since July 2023, this would amount to a total of S$51,000 for the ministerial salary for the period till December 2023, and S$96,250 for the MP allowance.

Singapore Parliament rejected PSP’s motion to suspend Iswaran as MP

Before Iswaran’s recent resignation, Non-constituency MP Hazel Poa from the Progress Singapore Party submitted a motion in September 2023 to suspend Iswaran.

The motion aimed to address Iswaran’s receipt of the MP allowance during the ongoing CPIB investigation, a period in which he was not carrying out official duties.

In addition, Ms Poa also introduces a Private Member’s Bill to amend the Parliament (Privileges, Immunities and Powers) Act 1962, which seeks to provide Parliament with the power to back-pay the MP allowance that was withheld from an MP who has been suspended from the service of Parliament.

Regrettably, Singapore’s PAP-dominated Parliament rejected Ms Poa’s motion on 19 September last year.

Ms Poa stated that PSP believed that the suspension, coupled with the provision for retroactive payment to Mr Iswaran if he is cleared of wrongdoing, represents a firm and equitable approach to addressing the matter.

Hazel Poa advocated for the responsible use of taxpayer money and accountability in Parliamentary suspension

In her address, Hazel Poa emphasized the primary objective of her Private Member’s Bill: to grant Parliament the authority to authorize the retroactive payment of allowances to suspended MPs.

She said Minister Iswaran no longer performs his duties as an MP, whether in Parliament or his constituency.

She contends that the motion put forward by the Leader of the House does not address this concern; instead, it advocates maintaining the current status quo.

Poa maintains that it is PSP’s position that an MP or minister under investigation for corruption, with suspended official duties, should be placed on unpaid leave until the investigation or legal case concludes.

She highlights that if Mr Iswaran is innocent, there is no difference in outcome between suspending and not suspending him.

However, if he is found guilty, there is a significant difference. Suspending him from Parliament would result in the loss of his allowance, while taxpayers would save on revenue.

This demonstrates that suspension leads to a more fiscally responsible outcome. Poa emphasizes that Mr Iswaran would receive reduced pay but still draw his full MP allowance.

In response, Indranee Rajah, the Leader of the House, presented a counter-motion, advocating that the House should only address concerns about Minister S. Iswaran after the ongoing investigations conclude.

Ms Indranee underscored the importance of consistently applying “fairness and principles” to all MPs under investigation, rather than treating cases in isolation.

Indranee questioned whether the suspension proposal should extend to other MPs under investigation, such as Workers’ Party MPs with ongoing court case.

Arguing that it is premature to take any action regarding Mr Iswaran at this stage because the outcome of the investigation is unknown, and there isn’t sufficient information to make an informed decision.

Indranee’s motion was approved by the PAP-dominated Parliament and received support from the Workers’ Party as well.

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So much for the argument that high pay for ministers was to prevent corruption.

It appears that an alleged crook has greater morals than 77 PAP MPs.

To CHALLENGE others HE SHALL return his SALARIES is sign of a guarantee, a dare to PROCLAIM his innocence victory.
Do anyone share my thinking – IT’S ALL a PAP GREAT WAYANG?

It’s NO MEAN act to RETURN Full Salaries, am I right? Just take you, to RETURN say, 3 months of your salary, say, $10,000.00, WILL U?

Should claw back his boss’ salary too – highest paid, but so useless without daddy.


You are not whiter than white .

Isn’t S Iswaram going to contest all the 27 charges? So if he’s returning his compensations, meaning in a way or another, he’s admitting to his corruption charges?

, .., probably the white party’s response to jibes of “we warned you”, “we told you so”, … by playing their equitable stance of “under SillyPore law, every man, woman, child and dog is innocent until proven otherwise”.

Of course, … he shouldn’t have been paid, full stop, … if he’s not “working” in any capacity, which he wasn’t, as he was fully suspended by his employers, … the white party !!!

Anyways, … …… … ……

Rajah should also do what is ‘MORALLY RIGHT’ as ADVOCATED by Iswaran in his Facebook post.

As Iswaran SHALL be returning the tax dollars that he did NOT EARNED, Rajah MUST now APOLOGISE of her EGREGIOUS statement and COME CLEAN with the PEOPLE OF SINGAPORE?

Hazel and PSP is RIGHTEOUS!

Edit, more punchy :

Is the PAP Administration deemed to have had committed mistake, or overlooked moral responsibility towards tax payers instead, giving leeway to Isw, over not stopping his salary entirely or an honest mistake?

Likely they call it lapse of judgement, like Tan Chuan Jin’s cock also lapsed – too amorously adventurous.

The PAP Administration is MASTER of the Eng language – full of new words, conjugate complex sentences, phrases, that, instead of enlighten, but serve to drown out, cloud their fallibility in people’s eyes.

Is the PAP Administration deemed to have had committed mistake, or overlookes moral responsibility towards tax payers instead, giving leeway to Isw, over not stopping his salary entirely or an honest mistake?

Likely they call it lapse of judgement, like Tan Chuan Jin’s cock also lapsed – top adventurous.

The PAP Administration is MASTER of the Eng language – full of new words, conjugate complex sentences and phrases, that, instead of enlighten, but serve to drown out and cloud their fallibility in people’s eyes.