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Netizens astonished as NTU student from Wuhan pays S$950 monthly for campus room

A TikTok video has garnered heated discussion, featuring a mainland China student studying at NTU who disclosed that he pays S$950 per month for his rented room at the campus.



A video on social media TikTok has garnered heated discussion, featuring a mainland Chinese student studying at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) who disclosed that he pays approximately S$950 (approximately US$710) per month for his rented room.

In a video uploaded on Sunday (14 Jan), a TikToker interviewed a student at NTU Campus.

When questioned about his monthly rental expenses, the student, who asserted he resides in a student dormitory, shared that his rent amounts to S$950 per month.

The video then takes viewers on a tour of the student’s dormitory, a recently completed five-storey building that opened in September of the previous year.

In the tour, the Chinese student, residing in a double room, mentioned that he shares the space with a 46-year-old student from Shandong, China.

According to the student, the S$950 rent is per person, and he does not split it with his roommate.

The TikToker expressed surprise at the perceived high cost, commenting, “That’s actually very expensive.”

The room showcased in the video appears tidy and cosy, complete with an attached bathroom.

Additionally, the dormitory features a communal pantry with kitchen utilities segregated into Halal and non-halal sections, catering to the needs of both Muslim and non-Muslim students.

During the interview, the student disclosed that he hails from Wuhan, is studying international economics and trade, and is pursuing a Master’s in Education Administration at NTU.

He further revealed that his annual tuition fee amounts to S$25,000.


♬ original sound – 阿泽在新加坡 – 阿泽在新加坡

Expressing disbelief, some netizens were shocked by the revelation that the Chinese student pays S$950 per month for student dormitory rental.

Student hall managed by hostel operator

One netizen suggested that the room rented by the Chinese student might not be part of the NTU hostel residences, speculating that it could be a separate private hostel catering to international students.

Upon checking NTU’s official website, it was found that rental costs vary depending on room type and attached facilities.

Typically, monthly rentals range from S$360 to over S$600. For example, an apartment room with an en-suite toilet at NTU’s Graduate Hall 2 could cost S$688.

A netizen pointed out that the student might have rented at Maple Residences, a privately-run accommodation located on the NTU campus.

NTU told students who are unsuccessful in their hall application, can consider applying to Maple Residences, a privately-run accommodation located on campus, or look for alternative housing options.

Source: Google map photo

A check on the company’s website, which claims to be a “premier provider of hostel operator services,” reveals their “commitment to building strong relationships with clients”.

“We understand that each client has unique needs and work closely with them to provide tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements, ” the company wrote in an introduction.

“Our focus on customer satisfaction has helped us build a strong reputation in the industry, and we continue to grow and expand our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients.”

The website also listed a postgraduate intake for Academic Year 2023-24, which indicated that the monthly rental fee for a double room is S$918 per person.

For a single room, it could cost S$1350 per person. In the latest update from the company, it was disclosed that all single rooms are presently occupied, indicating a high demand for this accommodation option.

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How can Sgrean students afford. First Sgrean parents being displaced by wayang media by govt or corps or being enslaved. Then, invite Rich frenz here to jack up price for Locals. How to survive. Self serving and not serving the Nation and its citizens …

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