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Israel defends against genocide accusations at International Court of Justice



Israel has vehemently defended itself against accusations of genocide, as presented by South Africa, at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. The Israeli representatives have criticized South Africa’s portrayal of the conflict, labelling it as “profoundly distorted” and alarmingly similar to the narrative of Hamas.

A day after South Africa’s grave allegations that Israel committed genocidal acts in Gaza, intending to do so from “the highest levels of state”, Israel countered on Friday, describing the accusations as a “partial and deeply flawed picture.”

Israel’s legal team pointed out that many Palestinian civilian deaths, exceeding 23,000 since 7 October, and the destruction of thousands of buildings cited by South Africa, were attributed to Hamas, either directly or indirectly.

Israel’s lawyers argued that civilian casualties resulted from Hamas’ tactics, such as booby-trapping homes, mining alleyways, and misfiring rockets. They emphasized that Hamas’ use of schools and hospitals for military purposes led to the collapse of these structures.

Tal Becker, the Israeli foreign ministry’s legal adviser, argued that South Africa’s application for the court to order a ceasefire was an “unconscionable request” that undermined Israel’s right to self-defence. Becker detailed the 7 October attacks by Hamas and other militants, highlighting incidents of rape and mutilation, and played an audio recording purportedly of a Palestinian militant.

Countering South Africa’s claims that Israeli political and military leaders, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, intended to commit genocide, Israel’s legal team referenced Netanyahu’s comments, suggesting they were partially quoted out of context.

Professor Malcolm Shaw, speaking for Israel, said: “The IDF is the most moral army in the world. The IDF does everything to avoid harming the uninvolved.”

Shaw also responded to South Africa’s allegations of genocide convention breaches, asserting that the cited comments were rhetorical and expressed in the aftermath of traumatic events, aimed at restoring control and ensuring safety for Israeli citizens.

Israeli foreign ministry’s legal adviser, Tal Becker and Professor Malcolm Shaw KC

Dr Omri Sander and Dr Galit Raguam from Israel’s legal team emphasized the country’s efforts to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza, often hindered by Hamas. They noted that hospitals were not bombed but searched for military infrastructure.

The Palestinian death toll from the ongoing Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip has risen sharply, according to the Gaza-based Health Ministry. Ministry Spokesperson Ashraf al-Qedra stated that the Israeli army killed and wounded numerous Palestinians in the past 24 hours, with thousands in urgent need of treatment outside Gaza. Al-Qedra appealed to the UN for urgent intervention to provide basic necessities to the displaced population.

As the court proceedings concluded on Friday, the president of the court, Judge Joan Donoghue, stated that a decision on whether to grant provisional measures would be made as soon as possible.

South African lawyers have requested the court to order an immediate halt to Israeli military operations in Gaza, a decision that is likely to take weeks, with the full case expected to last years. Israel has urged the court to reject all provisional measures requested by South Africa, arguing that they would unfairly benefit Hamas.

Meanwhile, Germany has announced its intention to intervene in the proceedings on Israel’s behalf, firmly rejecting any accusations of genocide against Israel. The German government emphasized its commitment to the UN genocide convention, especially in light of its history and the Holocaust.

The Israeli foreign ministry’s legal adviser, Tal Becker, urged the judges to dismiss South Africa’s request to halt Israel’s offensive, arguing that compliance would leave Israel defenceless.

Gaza “uninhabitable”

A spokesperson from the Gaza-based Health Ministry said on Thursday that the Palestinian death toll from ongoing Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip has risen to 23,469.

Ashraf al-Qedra, stated in a press release that the Israeli army killed 112 Palestinians and wounded 194 others over the past 24 hours.

Al-Qedra further revealed that since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas conflict, 59,604 Palestinians have been wounded due to Israeli attacks, with 6,200 of them urgently needing treatment outside Gaza.

“The situation in hospitals in the southern Gaza Strip is extremely catastrophic, resulting from the overcrowding with wounded and tens of thousands of displaced people,” he added.

Al-Qedra urgently called on UN institutions “to provide water, food, and shelter to the displaced before a catastrophe occurs, the consequences of which cannot be tolerated.”

Palestinian security sources reported that intense Israeli bombardment from the air, land, and sea continued in most parts of the Gaza Strip, particularly in the governorates of Deir al-Balah and Khan Younis.

Last Friday, UN humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths said Gaza had become “uninhabitable” after relentless bombing by Israeli forces in retaliation for the Hamas militant group’s attack in October.

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Do not support terrorists an terrorism.

You are just making yourselves another terrorist.

Netanyahu ask UN Chief to step down. tsk tsk tsk

UN got teeth but cannot bite at Russia for being a terrorist to Ukraine?
UN cannot solve Ukraine war. tsk tsk tsk

UN cannot arrest Hamas terrorists, Iran Terrorists? tsk tsk tsk

UN= Please step down.

All people go youtube and see “10 questions pro-palestinians can’t answer” by My friend said questions very illuminating (big word). Illuminating is eye opener?

Yes, there may be a land called Palestine but there has never been a State of Palestine.
No Palestine sovereign statehood ever existed now or before 1947.
Even well before 1947, the people living in Palestine are immigrants and bedouins from neighbouring Arab countries.
So it is a misnomer to call the people living there as Palestinians.

who started the war on 7th October?

who are holding the hostages till now?

why Palestinians crying and protesting to stop war instead of condemning Hamas? why?

why Palestinians crying for free food, water, electricity? etc?

why UN did not arrest all the terrorists and terrorist leaders? why ?

why Palestine claim is their land? when did Palestine exist?

why now Africa claiming is genocide when both sides are at war? why?

It is in Hamas’ charter to ELIMINATE Israel, unrenounced and still in effect, for the past 20+ years. Meaning it is CLEAR and official stance of one party to commit genocide against another party (note against Israelis, not just against Jews). Why UN and S.Africa never sound out Hamas for this over the past 20+ years, tried to resolve it? They just think Israel should just eat it? Well, Israel is chewing and spitting it back out now. Hamas wants to play with fire and now getting itself burnt, who’s fault?

Singapore has sent a team to the Red Sea to support the US and UK in the continued genocide of Gaza. The Houthis have said, they will stop the attack on ships if Israel stops the genocide in Gaza. Did our foreign Ministry pressure Israel to stop or is silently supporting the genocide? Is this taxpayers’ monies well spent?

As I said, UN is sleeping when Hamas attacked Israel on 7th October 2023.

Holding hostages its already a big wrong things to do. !!! So they are calling it an ” honest mistakes” ? tsk tsk tsk

Africa please wake up !!!! The war is between 2 parties ,Hamas and Israel. Since when Israel started the war? who started the war on 7th October 2023?

Hello Africa !! stop crying genocide. tsk tsk tsk

meh. it’s S-Africa the useless failed state who don’t even have any investments or people in gaza. just ignore also can. waste time and money forever to wayang.

No hostage claimed to be raped. The Zionists started with 1400, next it was 1200, now it is 1139. What’s next? They are showing themselves as an ineffective army by taking so many months to capture Hamas. They claim to have superior technology. All that can be seen is killing of civilians and children. They are cowards. Hope our govt. does not use them as our defence advisors or training our soldiers. Singapore will be completely flatten within a day if the IDF type of war is embraced.

The Jews are defending their attack by Palestine and Hamas!

Hamas should live peacefully with the Jews by not going across Israel and bomb party goers and kidnap the people.

Reminds me of Xinjiang

Defend all you want BUT in the eyes of Civilian. You as Leader Did not stop war, did not have a proper evacuation for innocent civilian caught in the chaos. You did not capture the Hamas leaders creating the mayhem. Just bomb everywhere everything …