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Myanmar’s infamous US-sanctioned arms dealer convicted for smuggling cash in Singapore

Kyaw Min Oo, an arms dealer for the Myanmar junta was recently fined in Singapore for undisclosed departure with half a million dollars.

Sanctioned by the US, EU, UK, and Canada, Kyaw and his company facilitated arms deals for Myanmar’s military, prompting international restrictions.



SINGAPORE: An arms dealer for the Myanmar junta was recently fined in Singapore for failing to declare his departure with half a million dollars, according to a statement issued by the Singapore Police Force on 5 January.

On 26 December 2023, three Myanmar nationals were convicted for not reporting the movement of currency valued at S$508,925 (around US$400,000) when leaving Singapore.

The case came to light on 15 June 2023, when three men were found carrying cash exceeding S$20,000 at the Departure Hall of Changi Airport Terminal 1.

Investigations revealed that Kyaw Min Oo, a Myanmar national, attempted to leave Singapore without declaring the half-million cash, with two other Myanmar nationals, Wai Sar Tun and Win Myint assisting by carrying portions of the cash.

Wai Sar Tun carried S$250,000 in cash in one bag, while Win Myint had S$249,000 in another bag. Kyaw Min Oo was found with S$9,925.

All three knew the amount exceeded the prescribed limit of S$20,000 but failed to report it to a Singapore immigration officer.

The offence carries a maximum jail term of three years and/or a fine of up to S$50,000.

Kyaw was convicted of an offence under Section 60(1) punishable under Section 60(2) of the Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act 1992 (CDSA).

He was fined S$10,000, while Wai Sa Tun and Win Myint were each fined S$5,000.

According to the Irrawaddy news outlet, Kyaw is a US-sanctioned arms broker for the Myanmar military, and he founded a company named Sky Aviator in 2014.

U Paing, a businessman in Yangon, informed the Irrawaddy that Kyaw is a partner of U Tay Za, who has been involved in illicit businesses supplying the Myanmar military for years.

Kyaw Min Oo was allegedly smuggling the money either to evade sanctions while moving cash between countries or to fund illegal deals, U Paing said.

Kyaw Min Oo, a former employee of crony tycoon Tay Za, and his company, Sky Aviator, supply equipment for jet fighters and helicopters purchased by Myanmar’s military from Russia and Ukraine.

He registered five companies in Singapore from 2015 to 2017 and reportedly stepped down from all of them in 2022 after the activist group Justice for Myanmar leaked a letter he sent to the air force chief in August 2019.

In November 2022, the United States imposed sanctions on Kyaw and his company for facilitating arms deals on behalf of Myanmar’s military.

“Kyaw Min Oo profits from the violence and suffering the military has inflicted on the people of Burma since the military coup,” said Brian Nelson, the Treasury undersecretary for financial intelligence.

“Treasury reaffirms the United States’ commitment to continue increasing pressure on the regime and its supporters until they change course and allow for a return to democracy.”

Besides the United States, Kyaw is also sanctioned by the European Union, and barred from entering or transiting any of the EU member states.

The UK placed him on its sanction list in October 2023 with similar restrictions.

Canada has also prohibited citizens from engaging in any activity related to Kyaw’s assets and applied a freeze on his assets.

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Wow only $10,000/- fine and the monies are returned to continue with their arms trade? 👏👏👏 Singapore at its best!😡

When all the powers that be care about is money, this is the kind of people you get: crime syndicate heads, arm dealers… I’m pretty sure there are probably a few drug lords living the good life in SG

For sure

pr of Shitgapore

It’s time for ks to retire… lol. If not, then the people will pass him a “SimplyGo” card in the coming GE, hint is already very clear.
Drug dealers, arm dealers, money-laundering syndicates, bookies, secret societies all here in Singapore for years and he still think Singapore is safe under his leadership…
Corruption, bribery, rape, molestation, robbery, public knife slashing, riot, affray, drink driving, hit-and-run cases, murders and more crimes and offences are rising every year.

As usual, Shame is unable to catch anybody! It’s the same as his predecessor who cannot hold on to MAS, the limper?

The arms dealer registered 5 companies from 2015 in sg, Shame was sleeping.

I bet he read all the intel news sent to him at his ministry. Again too busy looking for house to rent?

Sinkies still want to extend his contract in the coming erections?

SG is the cesspool of Asia. No wonder we attracted so many types of criminals, fugitives, money launderers and unsavoury characters to find safe heaven here

Another of earth’s unsavoury characters who saw fit and found ways to open businesses in SillyPore, … and managed to facilitate and transact his opportunities into Sing dollars !!!

Confiscation was mentioned under CDSA Act 1992, of which these men were charged under, and, … would it be too much to ask if the monies involved were indeed confiscated, and the amount please !!!