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Unaddressed query by Defence Minister to Leong Mun Wai’s question on PRs’ National Service obligations

PSP NCMP Mr Leong Mun Wai ‘s query for specific figures on male Singapore PRs renouncing or losing PR status without fulfilling NS obligations evaded a direct response from Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen.



In a recent parliamentary session on Tuesday (9 Jan), Mr. Leong Mun Wai, a Non-Consituency Member of Parliament and Secretary General of the Progress Singapore Party, raised a pointed question concerning the National Service (NS) obligations of male Permanent Residents (PRs) in Singapore.

Mr Leong asked the Defence Minister for specific figures on the number of male PRs who had renounced or lost their PR status without fulfilling their NS obligations and were later permitted to work or live in Singapore.

Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen’s written response, however, did not directly address the specific inquiry.

Dr Ng reiterated the government’s stance on NS obligations, stating, “Citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs) who are liable for National Service (NS) must fulfil their duties, or be subject to penalties if they do not do so. Over the past decade, no PR who evaded his NS duties by losing his PR status after enjoying significant benefits has been granted the right to work or live in Singapore thereafter.”

Yet, the minister did not provide the requested data on the number of PRs who had bypassed NS duties and were still allowed re-entry into Singapore.

This exchange adds to a series of questions raised by Mr Leong regarding the NS obligations of new citizens and PRs. His persistent inquiries have raised questions about the broader issue of equity and accountability in the enforcement of NS duties.

In July 2022, Mr Leong made a statement claiming that “citizens by registration are not doing NS,” which Dr Ng later refuted, citing that, on average, 3,400 new citizens serve NS each year.

Dr Ng’s responses in these instances have often focused on the broader principles and policies regarding NS, but have sometimes left specific queries, like those posed by Mr. Leong, without direct answers. For instance, while Dr. Ng acknowledged the exemption of mature adult male citizens from NS, he did not address the underlying concerns about potential loopholes that might allow some individuals to avoid NS obligations.

Furthermore, Dr Ng’s rebuttals to Mr Leong’s assertions about new citizens avoiding NS have been firm. He emphasized the contribution of PRs and young male new citizens to Singapore’s national defence and criticized Mr Leong’s statements as misleading.

Yet, questions linger about the exact numbers and circumstances of those who might have circumvented NS duties, a detail critical to Mr. Leong’s line of inquiry.

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TLDR: “just trust me, bro” was the only answer given.

If WW2 Indian Traitor can be SG President. Indian Malaysian can accuse Singaporeans as Racist.
The ENTIRE PAP trustworthiness already been sweep under carpets!
If voters think PAP really place Singaporeans interest in first place, you better live like Ostrich or clams.

Hen could have used the term, strategic secrets like other of his MFks colleagues regularly avoided simple straightforward questions when citizens queried or citizens reps query and pushed back and push backed stubbornly.

This PAP Administration treat it’s citizens with FULL DISRESPECT NOT ACKNOWLEDGING citizens ARE LEGAL and FULL PARTICIPANT Stake Holders of SG NOT working for the PAP.

If so then THIS PAP qualify as TRAITORS of SG.

From anecdotal evidence, we do learn that some children of PRs renounced their status before age 21, went on overseas studies, got superb grades and returned to Singapore to work on professional pass.

Did Eng Hen know about this loophole. If not, why not?

If he knew, then tell us the numbers, is it so hard, harder than medical school questions?

It’s time for neh to retire… lol.

One tiny country , with a bloated number of ruling party’s ministars and mps…yet falling behind in many of SG’s ministries….
Its almost like ordinary SGs dont matter anymore…they seem to be investing their time & efforts attracting all those HWNIs and making them comfortable, at the expense of our own people..

Please lah, NEH can’t even ship our Terrex safely through international waters without being impounded. And he got the balls to say he got 20+ years experience shipping our army stuff so it is HK/China’s fault that our Terrex got impounded.

Like own fault cannot get strong mandate, so it must be “free riders” fault. Useless Boss begets Useless Subordinates, indeed.

Repost :
Edit for clarity :

The Defence Minister’s reply is CORRUPTED perhaps which CPIB can, need to investigate, allowable?

Well, conclusion. A typical reply to many EXCRUCIATING questions by Oppo MPs ACTING and WORKING tirelessly, on behalf of their supportive voters who are concerned citizens seeking well being of SG, to wanting to know important Interests, and, knowledge, in how PAP works for SG which they proclaimed often enough Everyone Matters, and every sheep in the SG barn is Inclusive.

The Defence Minister’s reply is CORRUPTED perhaps which CPIB can, need to investigate, allowable?

Well, conclusion. A typical reply to many excruciating questions by Oppo MPs ACTING and WORKING in behalf of their voters, seeking for Citizen’s important Interests, and, knowledge, in how PAP works, for their shouts proclaiming oftenly, inclusiveness and all sheeps in the SG barn matters.