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Matchmaker sets S$4,800 monthly income requirement for potential suitors of a 17-year-old Vietnamese lady

A Vietnamese matchmaking service has ignited debate by establishing a S$4,800 monthly income prerequisite for potential suitors of a 17-year-old bride-to-be.

The founder of the agency justifies this requirement, stating it’s to guarantee the young bride’s financial stability.



SINGAPORE – In the realm of matchmaking, one Vietnamese bride agency is making waves by placing a hefty price tag on the journey to love.

B & G Vietnamese Bride Marriage Agency recently took to Facebook to announce their 17-year-old client’s search for a Singaporean husband. However, potential suitors must meet a financial benchmark of earning at least S$4,800 per month just to enter the “talking stage.”

The controversial post has ignited a fierce debate on social media platforms, with over 1,400 comments and shares on forums like HardwareZone.

Some critics labelled the matchmaking approach as “money-faced,” accusing the agency of treating the search for love as a financial transaction.

In response to the backlash, Eric Koh, the 64-year-old founder of the matchmaking agency, defended the stringent income requirement. He emphasized that it aims to ensure financial security for the young bride-to-be after marriage.

Eric Koh. (Photo:


Koh stated, “I want to make sure guys will not harbour any thoughts that they can easily marry a young girl.”

He further justified the S$4,800 threshold by explaining that it represents the minimum income necessary for someone to support a family as a sole breadwinner.

Unfazed by the criticism, Koh takes his “income requirement” seriously, even going as far as scrutinizing payslips and bank statements of interested men.

He sees himself as the gatekeeper, asserting that those who don’t meet the financial criteria won’t even have the chance to get to know the young bride.

In 2022, Singapore saw a significant rise in the number of marriages among its citizens, with 24,767 recorded, marking a 5.7% increase from the 23,433 in the previous year. This uptick represents the second straight year of growing marriage rates since 2020.

Out of all the marriages in 2022, 33% were between Singaporean citizens and foreign partners, a slight rise from 29% in 2021.

Court records from Singapore reveal that between 2011 and 2015, divorce filings involving a Singaporean and a non-resident or between non-residents increased from approximately 1,015 to 1,314.

Conversely, divorces among Singaporean couples saw a decline. Transnational divorces now make up about one-fifth of all divorces in Singapore.

Notably, migrant women face particular challenges in divorce cases due to their immigration status and the policies affecting them, placing them at a disadvantage in these proceedings.

In its 2020 research paper, Singapore’s leading women’s rights and gender equality advocacy group, AWARE, noted the following: “Quah in her research on the experiences of low-income divorced migrant women in Singapore pointed out that a loophole exists in the marriage and immigration policies, which a Singaporean citizen husband could exploit.”

“During the first three years of marriage (when marital dissolution is generally disallowed), the citizen husband could cancel sponsorship of his migrant wife’s visit pass, leaving the migrant wife with 14-30 days to leave Singapore, then file for divorce when the marriage has reached its three-year mark.”

“With the wife unable to physically be a resident in Singapore beyond the usual 30-day SVP period, she would be entirely excluded and unable to contest any divorce claims, unless she had the ability to retain legal counsel in Singapore to represent her.”

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Just because you’re earning enough to get her to marry you, that doesn’t mean you’re getting much “action”. Remember, marital rape is a crime. And in the event of a divorce, get ready to pay maintenance.

Eric Koh: “…. justified the S$4,800 threshold by explaining that it represents the minimum income necessary for someone to support a family as a sole breadwinner.…”


Get real Eric. Whenever the SG gov talks about affordability (housing, food, utilities charges, COL, etc.) it usually quote a “household income” of about $9500-9600. Gov doesn’t even know what is the minimum wage for ONE person to exist in SG so don’t talk about minimum income for a family, hor.

To each his or her own.
Blessed Union when God intervenes or if the Devil disrupts – no one qualified to decide what is what for them. Comments are welcome. Ultimate both (man and wo-man) enjoy their union rewards money or not, or pay their price.

It’s their lives.

If you upgrade yourself, earning $4,800 a month is nothing. Only lazy people, mostly those who vote for opposition ended up as grab delivery man riding bicycles everyday. Got no sympathy for such swines. They deserve who they vote for.

The world is now working together to stop climate change. But there is one more we need to do – Stop Racial Change. Chinese must marry chinese. Indian must marry indian. Ang Moh must marry ang moh. Negro must marry negro etc .. Same colour must marry same colour otherwise their zombie offspring will mutate and change itself into another awkward colour and unknown race. Let me ask you about a tennis player Naomi Osaka. Take good a look at her. Is she a black japanese or a yellow african negro ? Then there is a story of a chinese… Read more »

Mindset changes with Time, Experience and Exposure … They may not be the same as time passes. No?!?

What’s with all the furore.

If they’re advertising cum promoting, which is what they’re doing, … their eligibility and suitability as bride material, why can’t they name their price.

Especially, especially in materialistic SillyPore, … mostest costliest city on thee planet and all !!!

Besides, … this “investment” ain’t for the short term either, and if it goes against your moral traits, you can always not “partake” !!!

And as if a Rich Husband makes a Good husband … Far from it. It is the Mindset of the Man that makes a Good Man or an Abusive Man or a Predator or a Con Artist …

Yah sure. They just need to stumble them, corner them, get them into debt. Then fuck them to own them. No?!? Sex Predators. Man overlord their wives. No?!? Mindset ingrained in Patriarchy. No?!?

they’re just selling underaged women at this point…