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Singapore woman throwing durians off bus after being asked to leave for carrying them

A bizarre bus encounter in Singapore saw a duo challenged for carrying durians on board.

Refusing compliance, the woman resorted to an unconventional act, hurling the pungent fruit off the bus.



SINGAPORE: In a peculiar incident on a public bus, a man and a woman encountered an unusual situation when confronted by the bus captain for carrying durians on board.

The situation escalated when the woman, seemingly reluctant to comply with transit rules, chose a rather unconventional solution – she threw the pungent fruit out of the bus.

The entire episode was captured on video by a fellow passenger and later shared on Instagram (@SgfollowsAll).

The 38-second clip depicts the bus captain engaged in conversation with the duo, who were seated near the bus doors.

Netizens also appeared to give comments on the post. “She should have known better not to bring durian on board. She can be fined for littering,” @rabbit_lover*** commented.

“It’s clearly just an act of retaliation…not so much about agreeing with the bus driver,” @hida.n.ha** wrote. “One mistake upon another,” @neohunter*** also commented.

The reason behind the captain’s intervention remains unclear, as it’s unknown how he discovered that the passengers had durians in their possession.

As the situation unfolded, the two individuals stood up and made their way to the rear door of the bus.

However, before the man could disembark, the woman intervened, instructing him in Chinese not to leave.

She then retrieved what appeared to be a bag of durians and tossed it out onto the ground from inside the bus.

Astonishingly, the pair calmly returned to their seats, seemingly unfazed by the peculiar turn of events.

Durians banned from Singapore’s public transportation

Public transportation in Singapore is known for its strict regulations, and the incident brings attention to the rules regarding the carriage of certain items on board.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Although no specific fine is outlined on the “no durians” signs commonly displayed in buses and trains, regulations under the Rapid Transit Systems Regulations state that individuals caught bringing prohibited items on board can face fines of up to S$500.

While it remains unclear whether identical regulations apply to public buses, SBS Transit’s website explicitly urges passengers not to bring offensive items, such as durians and pets, for the comfort of others.

The Ministry of Transport underscored the issue back in 2021 in a Facebook post, highlighting that the “overpowering aroma” of durians may be unpleasant for fellow passengers and could linger in air-conditioned public transport vehicles.

While the incident on the bus raises questions about the consequences of bringing durians on board, it is crucial to note that littering, as demonstrated by the woman’s unconventional disposal method, is undeniably illegal.

Under the Environmental Public Health Act, littering carries fines of up to S$2,000 for a first conviction in court.

Moreover, dumping or disposing of refuse from a vehicle in a public place, as seen in the case of the thrown durians, may result in fines of up to S$50,000 or a jail term of up to 12 months, or both, upon first conviction.

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I hope someone took home the durians and enjoyed eating it.😂

DunVOTE for PAP THEN wouldn’t have this problem. Change administration Loh, just over a Durian. That is what Adults always do!

The next administration that you vote in must be a Durian Lover

just buy durian paste, durian cakse and durian puffs. IMO they taste better than 90 percent of real durians.

Durians are in our culture and diet.

It is what blue cheese is to the English
It is what Camembert cheese is to the French
It is what mutton is to Arabs/Indians
It is what fermented bean curd is to Chinese

Why does the PAP ban our own natural fruit from public transport?

What a ridiculous and embarassing policy on our public transport. Durian is our king of fruits and is an all time national favourite uniquely in this part of the world. We should treasure our heritage in the love of Durian and not despise it just because of some minority. Teach them to appreciate durian. Look, at first the Chinese nationals who came here and were not familiar with durians avoided them totally. But with time they cultivate, learn and began to appreciate to love this fruit and now China is a major importer of durians from Malaysia followed by S’pore.… Read more »