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Sheng Siong announces 1% discount for most items from Jan to March 2024

Sheng Siong unveils a 1% discount on purchases from Jan to Mar 2024 to counter rising prices, excluding select items. With the impending GST hike on Jan 1, 2024, Sheng Siong aims to ease the impact, echoing a similar discount in 2023. Its senior citizens’ 4% discount will also be extended until 2024.



SINGAPORE – Sheng Siong supermarket chain is set to implement a 1 per cent discount on purchases between January and March 2024, as disclosed on 15 December.

The move is aimed at alleviating the burden of rising prices on customers.

Nevertheless, the discount will not apply to infant formula (in Stages 1 and 2), tobacco, alcohol, medicinal products and devices.

Additionally, it excludes charges for disposable carrier bags, phone cards, and Sheng Siong vouchers.

On 1 January 2024, the goods and services tax (GST) rate will go up from 8 per cent to 9 per cent.

The supermarket chain had previously implemented a similar discount at the commencement of 2023 when the GST rose from 7% to 8%.

Fellow supermarket chain FairPrice has also taken steps to cushion the impact of the GST increase.

Last month, FairPrice announced its commitment to absorb the one percentage point increase in GST for 500 essential items throughout the first half of 2024.

Senior citizens discount extended till the end of 2024

Sheng Siong, in an official statement, has confirmed the extension of its 4% discount for senior citizens on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until the close of 2024.

This discount, initiated in 2015, caters to Singaporeans and permanent residents aged 60 and above, with a spending cap of $200 per receipt. Notably, the discount was heightened to 4% from 3% in July 2022.

Under this program, family members undertaking grocery shopping for seniors are also eligible for the discount, provided they present the seniors’ identity cards. This accommodation was introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic and is set to persist.

Sheng Siong estimates that this extended discount initiative is anticipated to save seniors approximately $4 million in the year 2023.

Sheng Siong stated, “During the pandemic, exceptions were made for family members running grocery errands on behalf of seniors to benefit from the senior citizen discount program.”

The supermarket chain reassured that this arrangement will continue.

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The Great Pretender on Channel U showing Korean Drama Abt their lost child from another realm … Rich Men entertainment. They increase price dun even need to inform you. But 1%discount they brag the whole street after they have relentlessly increased the price ….

Does it help when most products and produces have gone up like 10% to 50% over the last few years? Who are the ones benefitting from the huge jump in prices of everything? The rich and super rich?