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Malaysian police: Woman encased in cement identified as Indian national

The woman found encased in cement in Kampung Pendamar, Klang, has been identified as a 30-year-old Indian national.

Malaysian Police disclosed the main suspect, also an Indian national, prompting collaborative efforts with the Indian Embassy and police for their apprehension.



SELANGOR, MALAYSIA: Authorities in Selangor have identified the victim found encased in cement in a Kampung Pendamar, Klang bathroom as a woman in her 30s, of Indian nationality, standing at 160cm in height.

The victim, known to be the girlfriend of the house’s previous tenant, was discovered on 3 Dec by a foreign worker conducting repairs on the property.

Selangor police chief Comm Datuk Hussein Omar Khan stated on Saturday (9 Dec) that the main suspect in the murder investigation is also an Indian national, with efforts underway to collaborate with the Indian Embassy and Indian police to locate and apprehend the suspects.

“We are getting further details from the Indian Embassy and will contact the victim’s family,” Comm Hussein added.

Foreign man detained, two foreign individuals sought by police

The investigation has made significant progress, with the positive identification of the main suspect and the detention of a 53-year-old foreign man earlier.

Two additional foreigners are still sought in connection with the case.

Comm Hussein urged the public for assistance, saying, “We urge those with information on the victim or who knew her to contact the nearest police station.”

He disclosed that the police had interviewed 10 witnesses and obtained a sketch of the victim based on their statements.

Previously, a foreign worker who was repairing the house discovered the woman’s body at 10:58 pm on 3 Dec.

The house had been previously rented by two foreign men from Aug 2019 to Oct 2021.

“Before renting it to other tenants, the house owner inspected the toilet and discovered the water tub covered with cement. ”

“The previous tenant gave an excuse that liquid from a rat carcass was flowing into the tub,” said Comm Hussein.

The landlord, after discovering the truth, alerted the police after foreign workers hired to fix the roof uncovered the horrifying scene.

Assistant Commissioner Cha Hoong Fong, who serves as the Police Chief for the South Klang District, disclosed that a forensic analysis conducted at Shah Alam Hospital on Dec indicated that the woman’s probable cause of death was neck compression.

Firefighters assisted in the recovery of the body by breaking the cement that covered the water tub.

Police express hope that with these new developments, the case can be resolved swiftly.

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