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Malaysian police: Woman found cemented in water tank likely died from neck compression

The distressing revelation of a woman found buried in cement in a Klang rental house suggests neck compression as the cause of death, disclosed by Malaysian authorities on Wednesday.

One foreign man is detained, and two others are sought in connection. The police investigation remains ongoing.



SELANGOR, MALAYSIA: The lifeless body of a woman was tragically discovered buried and encased in cement inside a water tank at a rented house in Kampung Pendamar, Klang on Sunday (3 Dec), reportedly succumbing to neck compression.

Assistant Commissioner Cha Hoong Fong, the South Klang District Police Chief, revealed that a forensic examination at Shah Alam Hospital on Wednesday estimated the victim’s age to be between 20 and 30 years.

“Forensic experts were unable to ascertain the time of death due to the slow decomposition process caused by the body being in an environment such as the one found.

“The investigation revealed that the cause of death was neck compression. So far, the identity of the victim has not been confirmed,” he said in a statement.

To date, statements from 10 witnesses have been recorded, and efforts are ongoing to identify individuals aiding the investigation.

Assistance has been sought from embassies and Interpol to locate two identified foreign male suspects, Ranjit Singh and Manjeet Singh.

Additionally, a 53-year-old foreign man was apprehended and is currently under detention until 11 December.

The police also urged the public with information about the case to report it directly to the South Klang District Police Headquarters (IPD) at 03-33762222 or any nearby police station.

Woman’s body found encased in cement in the bathroom

As previously reported, the discovery of the adult woman’s body cemented in the bath tank came to light after the homeowner filed a police report.

The residence was previously occupied by two foreign men. In October, these occupants had informed the 66-year-old homeowner of their intention to vacate the premises.

Upon their departure, the homeowner decided to inspect the property before welcoming new tenants.

During the inspection, the elderly male homeowner noticed additional cement in his bathroom, so he inquired with the former tenants about it but initially received no response.

However, shortly thereafter, the former tenants notified him that supposedly water from a rat carcass was flowing into the bathroom drain, requiring the application of additional cement.

The homeowner didn’t suspect anything then and proceeded to hire foreign workers to repair his home before renting it out to someone else.

It was during the repair process that the victim’s body was discovered in the cement, prompting the homeowner to report the incident to the local authorities.

Upon being notified, law enforcement promptly sought the assistance of the fire department to facilitate the extraction of the body from the cemented enclosure.

The fire department team spent over two hours breaking the cemented tank to extract the woman’s body that had been cemented in a bathroom.

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