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Alleged e-bike theft caught on CCTV at Redhill Food Centre

Two individuals, suspected to be juveniles, were reportedly seen stealing a JiMove brand e-bike from Redhill Food Centre on Thursday evening.

The footage depicts the two entering the food court, after which one of them swiftly took control of the parked e-bike and rode away with it.



SINGAPORE: Two individuals, believed to be juveniles, were reportedly observed stealing a JiMove brand e-bike from Redhill Food Centre on the evening of Thursday (7 Dec).

The CCTV footage, posted on the “Complaint Singapore” Facebook page, indicates that the incident occurred precisely at 7:21 p.m.

The footage reveals two boys entering the food court—one in a red shirt, and the other in a black shirt was riding a bicycle.

The two boys then switched places; the one in the red shirt took the bicycle that the boy in the black shirt had been riding, and simultaneously, the boy in the black shirt occupied the parked e-bike and rode away with it.

Surprisingly, throughout the entire duration of the alleged theft, diners in the food court appeared oblivious to the unfolding incident, continuing with their activities without realizing the purported theft that was taking place.

Currently, there is limited information available regarding the two boys featured in the video.

Another recent E-Bike theft incidents

Additionally, this is not the first reported case of an alleged theft on an e-bike.

Previously, a man wearing an SCDF T-shirt was also caught allegedly stealing an e-bike from an HDB corridor in Toa Payoh.

The owner of the e-bike is a part-time food delivery rider, and he said that on the day of the incident, his e-bike was left unlocked.

It requires a key to start, and unfortunately, he had forgotten to retrieve it that day.

He was able to recover his e-bike, although it was in a damaged state after getting in touch with the alleged thief.

The SCDF is in the process of confirming whether the individual in question is indeed a member of the SCDF. Simultaneously, the police have been notified of the incident.

According to Section 379, Chapter 224 of the Penal Code, individuals found guilty of theft can face a maximum punishment of three years of imprisonment, a fine, or both.

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“alleged”? didn’t the thief try to sell back the bike he stole? must send them to jail then can count as real theft issit?

Next time GST voucher must cover purchase of E-bikes , beside food and water . What do you think? tsk tsk tsk