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Man wearing SCDF t-shirt allegedly steals E-bike at Toa Payoh HDB

A person in an SCDF T-shirt is accused of stealing an e-bike in Toa Payoh.

SCDF is verifying the individual’s identity and police are informed about the incident.



SINGAPORE: A man wearing a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) shirt is allegedly involved in the theft of an e-bike from a Toa Payoh HDB corridor.

The incident transpired around 1:20 am on Sunday (2 Dec), as evidenced in a video shared on TikTok by user @ajackelfyan.

According to the uploader, the theft occurred at a friend’s apartment in Toa Payoh Block 122.

Man in SCDF T-shirt allegedly steals e-bike

The footage portrays a man donning an SCDF t-shirt examining an e-bike parked outside an HDB apartment.

Throughout the recording, he appears to act suspiciously, pacing the corridor, inspecting the stationary e-bike, and checking the apartment’s door.

At one juncture, he inspects the security of the e-bike and eventually removes a black box, potentially a charger, from its rear. He then walks away from the CCTV’s view with the box.

Later, he returns and proceeds to drag the e-bike away from the scene.


As reported by 8world News, the victim is a part-time food delivery rider, and he said that on the day of the incident, his e-bike was left unlocked.

It requires a key to start, and unfortunately, he had forgotten to retrieve it that day.

He also claimed that he had no prior acquaintance with the suspected thief.

Following the alleged theft, the victim sought assistance from fellow delivery riders through a WhatsApp group and shared the CCTV footage on social media.

Alleged thief’s acquaintance pleads for image removal

In an unexpected turn of events, he received a private message from an individual claiming to be the alleged thief’s friend.

The individual claimed that a photo of him had been posted, and he asked for the removal of the post.

However, the victim found this peculiar, as he had previously uploaded two pictures alongside the CCTV footage, all of which depicted the same person—the alleged thief.

The victim declined the person’s request and proposed a face-to-face meeting, which was declined.

After some persistent communication, he eventually coerced the individual into admitting that he was the alleged thief, and the perpetrator confessed to damaging the e-bike and disclosed its abandonment in Mandai.

The victim said that he had successfully retrieved the e-bike and plans to send it for necessary repairs.

A spokesperson from the SCDF acknowledged the existence of the CCTV footage.

They are presently in the process of confirming whether the individual in question is indeed a member of the SCDF.

Simultaneously, the police have been notified of the incident.

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