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Woman sentenced to eight months’ jail for forging NTU degree and using it to secure jobs in multiple companies

A Singaporean woman was sentenced to eight-months of jail term for forging an engineering degree from Nanyang Technological University. Over 16 years, she used the counterfeit credentials to secure jobs in various companies including Walt Disney, earning a substantial salary.



SINGAPORE – On Wednesday, (6 Dec), Fonseka Wannerichega Hema Ranjini, a 44-year-old Singaporean woman, was sentenced to eight months in jail for forging an engineering degree from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and using it to secure multiple jobs over a span of 16 years.

Fonseka, who matriculated at NTU in 1998, initially studied mechanical and production engineering but faced challenges with the coursework and financial difficulties. She withdrew from the program in 2004.

Following the termination of financial support from her mother, Fonseka forged a Bachelor of Engineering degree from NTU in 2004, claiming third-class honours.

Fonseka secured various editorial roles using the fraudulent certificate, including an assistant managing editor position at Marshall Cavendish Education, Scholastic Education International (Singapore), Cengage Learning Asia, and Oxygen Studio Designs.

Her highest monthly salary was S$6,800, along with an additional transport allowance of S$1,084, while working as a learning editor at the Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia).

The company, unsuspecting at first, sent her certificate to the Office of Academic Services in NTU for validation by a third-party vendor specialising in background checks, triggering the exposure of the forgery.

Fonseka’s attorney stated in court that she forged the degree as a way to “placate” her mother, who subjected her to psychological pressure.

The perpetrator also grappled with the financial strain of securing a satisfactory income to provide for herself and her parents, as per her lawyer’s statement.

On 24 November, Fonseka pleaded guilty to two counts of cheating and a count of committing forgery.

Prosecutor sought eight to 10 months of jail time, Defence argued for a fine or “brief jail term”

Deputy Public Prosecutor Melissa Heng sought a jail term of eight to 10 months, emphasizing Fonseka’s effort to make the forged certificate appear genuine and the fact that she obtained five jobs with it over 16 years.

She pointed out that Fonseka earned a “considerable salary” ranging from S$47,000 to S$83,000 for some charges.

Upon the revelation of her deceit, Fonseka’s reaction indicated a lack of remorse, Ms Heng said.

However, Defence lawyer Foo Cheow Ming argued for a fine or a brief jail term instead, citing Fonseka’s mother’s psychological pressure and the economic necessity to support herself and her parents as mitigating factors.

Mr Foo stated that Fonseka faced “physical and mental abuse” from her mother, who suffers from an undiagnosed personality disorder.

Despite the challenges, Fonseka’s “filial piety remains steadfast,” and she continues to care for her parents.

“Due to the severe psychological pressure (Fonseka’s) mother placed on her self-worth and self-esteem, she took the first step of forging a (degree) in order to placate her mother,” said Mr Foo.

“Following that, the economic pressure of having to earn a salary sufficient for her own livelihood and (to) support her own parents led to the usage of the forged (degree).”

Prior to handing down the sentence, District Judge Terence Tay noted that her actions had prevented more qualified individuals from securing the positions she obtained.

While he empathized with Fonseka’s family situation, he highlighted that there was no clear connection between her circumstances and the decision to forge the degree.

The charge of cheating carries a penalty of imprisonment for up to three years, fines, or both, while the charge of forgery carries a potential fine and a maximum of seven years’ imprisonment.

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Singapore really the melting pot or cesspool for all criminals, cheats, fugitives and money launderers. No wonder SG is so happening and attractive to millions of foreigners

How about those who cheated on their resume?
Or degrees from non existent Institutions when they were found out after employed?

good. now sue all the other FTs with fake degrees, who don’t have SG pink IC or PR yet. or they only wanna whack Pink ICs?

That kind of salary is not World Highest .

Probably , she can’t perform lor .

Nothing new, she learnt what her comrades in her village did and even as a citizen, new or otherwise, saw no reason why she could not be PART OF THE CLUB!

Afterall, her comrades were so successful in doing this ‘forge qualifications’ or qualifications coming from dubious learning insitutes, that even many managed to ‘live it up’ in condo as a pervious case of a certain Mr Ramesh did!

Resulting in many local daft balless Sinkie being displaced ,from well paying jobs and ended up doing FOOD DELIVERY instead!

Who did these daft locals voted for?😆😆😆😆

Even if I STATELESS becos No Countries want to Own Up to them playing God in my life. I Do not want to be Back as Sgrean. Why?!? Own MediaCork, Oppo and Govt can play in school. None wanna admit and wanna Lord Over ppl to collect bone and N code. As their political game play. Is that Fair?!? Pui leadership! Own up to what you ppl do!

Can her citizenship be cancelled and let her be deported back to her native country? Sri Lanka, India or Pakistan whichever. Tiny Singapore is too crowded with too many criminals, fugitives, money launderers, etc around

Last edited 6 months ago by Singapore Fooled Again n Again