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Woman and infant found dead at Ghim Moh HDB block, second tragic incident in a month

Tragedy struck in Ghim Moh on a Sunday morning as a 34-year-old woman and her three-week-old infant were found deceased at a Housing Board block.

This marks the second double fatality incident within a month in Singapore.



SINGAPORE:  In Ghim Moh, a heart-wrenching incident unfolded on Sunday morning (3 Dec) as a 34-year-old woman and her three-week-old infant were tragically found deceased at the base of a Housing Board block.

The distressing event took place at Block 29 Ghim Moh Link, around 11:20 a.m.

This marks the second double fatality incident within a month.

According to reports from Lianhe Zaobao, the woman, suspected to be grappling with postpartum depression, fell from a high-rise while holding her infant son, resulting in their tragic deaths.

the police conducted inquiries in a unit situated on an upper floor, believed to be the residence of the deceased mother and child.

The incident has deeply impacted the community, leaving residents profoundly saddened and mourning the loss of the mother and child who fell from the building.

Witnesses, potentially relatives of the deceased, were visibly distraught nearby, with some overcome by grief, as reported by the paper.

Upon arriving at the scene, Singapore Civil Defence Force personnel confirmed the fatalities of both the adult and the infant.

Singapore Police Force reported discovering the motionless bodies of the 34-year-old woman and the baby on the ground floor of the block.

Medical professionals confirmed the deaths following an examination.

Authorities have eliminated foul play as a possibility, yet the investigation remains ongoing.

This incident mirrors another tragedy from just a month ago, where a 33-year-old woman and a one-year-old infant were found deceased at the base of an HDB block in Eunos on 5 November.

Where to get help:

If you or someone you know is grappling with suicidal thoughts, assistance and support are accessible.

Samaritans of Singapore Hotline: 1767

Institute of Mental Health’s Helpline: 6389 2222

Singapore Association for Mental Health Helpline: 1800 283 7019

You can discover a directory of global helplines on this page.

In case someone you are aware of is facing an imminent threat, please dial 24-hour emergency services.

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When someone commits suicide, it is because the person has simply given up and death is the only answer. It is a sad reflection of society if its members have no way out of his/her troubles. We can only guess what prompted this mother to not only end her own life but also that of her baby. It meant in this incident, the mother had nobody to turn to. I can only imagine her sense of hopelessness and despair. Here, I am reminded of the sermon, “The Second Spring” by John Henry Newman. And I quote: “We mourn over the… Read more »

Hard to accept,
Hard to comprehend

Heart breaking!
May their loved ones find solace.

Condolences to the families. This is only going to increase as the costs of living rises or if they are foreigners and are unable to adapt to our life style because of communicating problems due to language. Please be transparent about the profile of those who have committed suicide as this will help the community to identify those who may be experiencing crisis in their lives.

Any way ,

I do not have a hand on it .




Millionaire flats .

Would be wise to concur to question, is this another of more of the same coming to happen like the exact same one just weeks ago? How about analysing when politicians who are SO MUCH ENGROSSED in Ownself PRAISE Ownself, Happy creating jobs for foreigners – attributing without solid reasons of why Sheegaporeans ‘don’t want to work’ – making suitable conditions to WEALTHY people coming but who seems being ABLE TO GAME the systems which were ‘designed with loopholes’, disregarding realistic independent surveys of SG is most expensive, and CONTINUOUSLY REFUSED Min Living Wages, for good examples herewith, actions of… Read more »

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9) Increase Foreigners intake, increase job losses
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We need solutions not price increase!!!! What do you think?