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Singapore’s civil servants set for 0.6-month year-end bonus; Junior-grade officers to receive additional one-time payment

On Monday, the Public Service Division declared a 0.6-month year-end bonus for Singaporean civil servants.

Junior-grade officers are set to receive this bonus as a lump sum payment.



SINGAPORE: The Public Service Division (PSD) announced on Monday (27 Nov) that civil servants in Singapore will be receiving a year-end bonus of 0.6 months.

Junior-grade officers will receive this bonus in the form of a lump sum payment.

Civil servants in grades equivalent to MX13(I) and MX14 will get an additional lump sum of S$400 (US$299), while those in grades equal to MX15 and MX16, as well as those under the Operations Support Scheme (OSS), will receive a higher lump sum of S$800.

Explaining the rationale behind this year-end payment, the PSD mentioned that it considers Singapore’s expected gross domestic product (GDP) of approximately 1 per cent in 2023 and aligns with the latest National Wages Council (NWC) guidelines.

Overall, civil servants will be receiving a total bonus of 0.9 months for 2023.

Officers up to MX13(I) and equivalent will receive an additional lump sum of up to S$1,200 this year.

Additionally, the government will continue to provide the non-pensionable annual allowance, known as the 13th-month bonus.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) has revised its GDP growth forecast for 2023, narrowing it down from the range of 0.5 percent to 1.5 percent to approximately 1 percent.

PSD highlighted that the revised forecast considers various factors such as the labor market outlook, subdued external demand anticipated for the remainder of the year, and persistent risks stemming from geopolitical tensions.

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So chiam, less than one chicken wing drumlet!
Next yr GST ,1 more % mean salary need to increase by at least 20 to 30% to cope with the rise in prices of EVERYTHING!
Hope the phrase…”YOU DESERVE ALL THIS, FOR WHO YOU VOTED FOR!…rings true!😆😆😆😆🤣😆😆😆

Misappropriation of citizens money to BUY VOTES , enhance PAP reputation.

Why is it they are entitled to bonus? What contributions to enhancements of Singaporeans lives warrant the bonus this year?

The ONLY factor is buy loyalty.