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British journalist, Owen Jones, exposes alarming genocidal advocacy in Israeli children’s song

British journalist Owen Jones’ revelation of an Israeli children’s song endorsing genocide triggers global outrage. Viewers express shock, condemnation, and calls for awareness regarding societal manipulation.



children's song

On 21 November, Owen Jones, a prominent British newspaper columnist, political commentator, journalist, and author, addressed a concerning issue regarding an Israeli children’s song in a video titled “Annihilate Everyone: Israeli TV Promotes Genocidal Song” on his YouTube channel.

Jones, known for his contributions to The Guardian, opened the video by emphasizing the lack of subtlety in the Israeli state’s intentions regarding its onslaught against Gaza. The Israeli attack against Gaza was a response to the incident on 7 October by the militant group Hamas, which is said to have resulted in approximately 1,200 deaths.

In the video, Jones highlighted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s use of the biblical story of Amalek, where God commands the Israelites to annihilate men, women, children, and livestock.

He pointed out the Israeli leaders’ justifications for a total siege, citing the need for food, water, and energy, while framing the conflict as a fight against “human animals.”

The promise to reduce Gaza to a city of tents and the assertion that nearly every building in Gaza is a Hamas stronghold further underscored the gravity of the situation.

Israeli children sing a song hinting at annihilation in Gaza, sparking concerns of genocidal promotion

In his YouTube video, Owen Jones delves into the disturbing phenomenon of Israeli children singing a song that seemingly advocates for the annihilation of everyone in Gaza, an act perceived as promoting genocide.

Israel’s public broadcaster, Kan News, posted a video titled “Friendship Song 2023” on 19 November, which has been deleted, featuring a group of children promising to “annihilate everyone” in Gaza.

children's song

Nevertheless, despite the deletion of the original Kan tweet, an archived copy can still be accessed online.

Additionally, Kan removed the page showcasing the song from its website, but this content has also been archived for reference.

The nationalistic lyrics were co-written by Ofer Rosenbaum, a campaigner whose involvement raises questions about the underlying motives behind the song.

The lyrics explicitly reference the ongoing Israeli assault in the Gaza Strip, portraying the Israeli army crossing into the besieged enclave with the intent to “annihilate the swastika-bearers.”

The children sing about the anticipation of returning to their homes after a year, having successfully executed their plan to annihilate everyone, and then resuming peaceful activities like plowing fields.

Ofer Rosenbaum, identified as the individual responsible for the song, is concurrently running a campaign aimed at restoring trust in the Israeli Security Forces.

In response to the humanitarian considerations in Gaza, Rosenbaum expressed a dehumanizing perspective in a news appearance, stating, “There is a word that repeats all of the time, and it’s bothering me. The word is humanitarian. This word was fitting until 7 October because we are forgetting one very important thing.”

“The word humanitarian comes from the word human, and once the other side stopped treating us as humans and we realize they are not acting like humans. Our duty is to fight them like they’re not humans. We are always trying to please, and it is no longer the time for that,” he added.

These statements highlight the disturbing confluence of violent rhetoric in a song ostensibly endorsed by Rosenbaum and the dehumanizing stance taken in his campaign, further emphasizing the need for critical examination and international awareness of the unfolding situation.

Israeli officials’ troubling rhetoric sparks fear of genocide in Gaza

In another alarming instance, Jones includes the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, post in a Twitter that can be deemed straightforwardly genocidal, stating, “all the preoccupation with whether or not there is internet in Gaza shows we have learned nothing we are too Humane burn Gaza now no less!”


(Photo: Deleted Twitter’s post/Owen Jones on Youtube)

Equally disturbing is the perspective of retired Israeli General Giora Eiland, a former head of the Israeli National Security Council, who wrote an article in Yediot Ahronot, a mainstream Israeli daily newspaper.

Eiland’s words are chilling, as he suggests that severe epidemics in southern Gaza will bring victory closer, indicating a readiness to exploit humanitarian crises as a means to achieve military goals.

This open endorsement from a senior member of the Israeli government supports the use of mass disease and starvation as tactics to conquer Gaza, constituting a flagrant admission of intent to commit war crimes.

Journalist Shai Golden, formerly associated with Haaretz and now with Israel’s Channel 14, adds to the disturbing rhetoric.

He proclaims a vengeful approach, stating, “We are coming to Gaza, we are coming to Lebanon, we will come to Iran. We will come everywhere.”

Golden’s threats of mass killings, coupled with a disregard for international opinion, paint a grim picture of Israel’s approach.

This rhetoric, reminiscent of extremist groups, is particularly troubling considering Israel’s status as a military superpower with support from Western governments, including the United States.

The gravity of the situation is underscored by the apparent prevalence of a genocidal mentality within Israeli society and government.

The death toll in Gaza, surpassing rates in previous conflicts, raises concerns about a potential genocide.

As of 21 November, over 15,000 Palestinians and Israelis in total have been killed in the Israel–Hamas war, including 53 journalists (46 Palestinian, 4 Israeli, and 3 Lebanese) and over 100 UNRWA aid workers, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. In addition, over 7,000 people are missing, many of whom, the authorities say, are buried under the rubble.


Owen Jones’ video exposes shocking song, prompting global outcry against children endorsing genocide and urging reflection on youth manipulation for imperialist agendas

Owen Jones’ YouTube video, which has garnered 298 thousand views and 5.6 thousand comments since its upload, has sparked a significant response from viewers.

Many expressed gratitude towards Jones for shedding light on this concerning issue.

A particular comment resonates with the sentiment that words fail to capture the emotions stirred by the video and the accompanying song.

The act of children singing in support of genocide is seen as applauding the destruction of other innocent children who are tragically buried alive under rubble.

The netizen is left speechless but acknowledges the importance of revealing the true face of the Israeli government.

The comment concludes with a heartfelt wish for the safety of all children worldwide, hoping they wake up to a warm breakfast and the loving embrace of their parents or guardians while fervently praying for an end to all wars.

children's song

Another commenter expresses a profound hope that the children featured in the video will one day comprehend the genuine meaning of “friendship.”

Criticism is levied against the utilization of children to advance an imperialist agenda, lamenting the reduction of humanity to such a state.

Watching the video is described as a traumatic experience, akin to witnessing Gaza being reduced to rubble.

children's song

Yet another comment conveys a sense of helplessness in finding the right words to articulate the viewer’s feelings.

The uncertainty about whether the children in the video are aware of the implications is acknowledged.

There’s a poignant reflection on the potential realization these children might face in the future and the sympathy felt for them.

The manipulation of children by their own race for personal interests, teaching them against the principles of peace, elicits a strong sense of empathy.


Comments on violent acts prompt concerns about freedom of expression and urgent need for moral awakening

A commenter expressed a profound loss of faith in humanity upon hearing the disturbing song.

They underscored the peril of unrestricted free speech, emphasizing the need to prohibit comments advocating the annihilation of any group merely based on opposing views.

The pervasive hatred in the world, particularly from individuals with education and knowledge, left them disheartened, questioning how society has reached a point where spreading such animosity is considered acceptable.

free speech

Others noted the alarming trend of open discussions among Israeli people regarding acts of violence and criminal activities.

They lamented the consequences faced by those who criticize or oppose anti-Semitic actions, emphasizing the absurdity of the situation.

Urgent action is deemed necessary to expose these wrongdoings, urging people to awaken to the truth and rally in support of moral principles.


Another comment conveyed a visceral reaction, describing the video as making them feel physically sick and terrified.

The fear extended to the Palestinians, perceived as vulnerable in the face of global opinion.

The commenter expressed concern about politicians being aware of such situations yet seemingly indifferent, prompting a realization that collective well-being may not be a priority for those in power.


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remove nazi/hamas= genocide to them?
sounds like useful idiots again making shit up. Guardian writers are trash.

This is demonic and evilness. It is due to World Leaders supporting the genocide. We need a new world order. The US should stop funding the Zionist govt. and stop protecting Nethanyahu. He must face the international courts or LAW will not be respected. He is a criminal along with Biden and Rishi Sunak. We should get rid of our colonial mindset of looking to the West for leadership. We need a balance of power in the world and should work with Xi where possible. How can any country support western govts. who support the murder of civilians ?

Annihilate the “swastika” bearers? But Zelenskyy is being supported by his Azov battalion of neo Nazis. Maybe Mein Kampf should be ChatGPT translated into Hebrew so these children would get a more “balanced” perspective 🙂

Then the next generation are led to believe this is the way, having no empathy or consideration for others. Inciting violence to solve their problems …

Putting people is a single file from Top to bottom and using the second half as a scapegoats for what the first half did especially if the Top half is the Corrupted Ones ….

It starts from the intolerance of leaders. With Empire at their hem, they worked the mass off for their Empire Agenda NOT serving the people at all.