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Jakarta’s Coldplay Concert ticket scam: 19-year-old suspect allegedly takes ‘healing’ trip to Netherlands with victims’ fund

The Jakarta Metro Police apprehended a 19-year-old linked to a Coldplay concert ticket scam.

The suspect reportedly accrued a Rp 40 billion turnover (US$2.6 million) in 2023, funding a lavish lifestyle that included travel to the Netherlands.



INDONESIA: The Jakarta Metro Police recently apprehended a 19-year-old individual accused of masterminding a ticket scam associated with a Coldplay concert in Jakarta.

The suspect, Ghisca Debora Aritonang, an inactive student at Trisakti University, has been formally identified as the key figure in this case and is currently in police custody.

Commissioner General of Police Susatyo Purnomo Condro, Head of the Central Jakarta Metro Police, announced the development during a press conference on Monday (20 Nov).

Prior to the arrest, the Central Jakarta Police received numerous reports related to a ticket fraud scheme involving the buying and selling of Coldplay concert tickets.

Among these cases was an instance of ticket fraud affecting 400 individuals, resulting in losses amounting to approximately Rp 1.3 billion (approximately US$83,500).

Gischa Debora Aritonang. (Photo.


According to Commissioner Chandra Mata Rohansyah, Head of Criminal Investigation at the Central Jakarta Metro Police, five resellers purchased tickets from the same individual, leading to 2,268 forged tickets and a financial loss of Rp 5.1 billion (approximately US$327,400).

Individual cases of financial losses were detailed by the police.

For instance, one victim identified as “VS” suffered a reported loss of Rp 1.35 billion (US$95,000) for 700 tickets, while another, identified as AS, incurred a loss of Rp 1.03 billion (US$73,000) for 600 tickets.

Additionally, MF faced a loss of Rp 1.3 billion (US$95,000) for 500 tickets, SY lost Rp 73 million (US$5,100) for 58 tickets, AR faced a loss of Rp 1.3 billion (US$95,000) for 400 tickets, and CL experienced a loss of Rp 230 million (US$14,764).

Ghisca allegedly deceived victims by claiming to have connections with concert promoters, despite no communication with intermediaries between May and November.

The suspect purportedly gained the trust of buyers after successfully engaging in online ticket wars, convincing them to become resellers.

The motive was profit, with each ticket sold at a markup of IDR 250,000 (approximately US$16).

Ghisca, who has been a reseller of international concert tickets since 2022, managed to sell over 2,000 tickets under the guise of complimentary tickets.

The Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) is also investigating the flow of funds related to Ghisca.

The examination revealed a financial turnover of approximately Rp 40 billion (USD 2.6 million) in 2023, with transactions exceeding Rp 30 billion from May to November.

PPATK Head Ivan stated that the findings would be handed over to the police in accordance with anti-money laundering laws.

Evidence in the case of the Coldplay ticket fraud with the suspect Ghisca Debora at the Central Jakarta Police Resort (Photo: detikcom).


As a result of the ticket scam, Ghisca was able to acquire luxury items.

During a search of her residence, the police confiscated branded goods such as MacBook, sandals, shoes, and bags, totaling approximately IDR 600 million (US$ 42,000). The remaining IDR 2 billion (US$128,378) is under investigation for potential personal use by the suspect.

It was also revealed that Ghisca had travelled to the Netherlands between May and November 2023.

Commissioner Susatyo Purnomo Condro is investigating reports of money flowing to the Netherlands and examining evidence seized during the search. The police have frozen Ghisca’s accounts as part of their ongoing inquiry.

The police confirmed that Ghisca conducted the Coldplay concert ticket fraud independently and for the first time.

There is no information to suggest that she has defrauded tickets for concerts other than Coldplay, and the police have not identified any accomplices in the current case.

The investigation is ongoing as authorities delve into the extent of Ghisca’s activities and the potential involvement of others.


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