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Coldplay concert ticket scam in Jakarta results in over US$83,000 loss, authorities investigating

The Jakarta Central Metro Police recently revealed a concerning concert ticket scam that led to a significant loss of Rp 1.3 billion (approximately US$83,876).

Reports indicate that close to 400 tickets for the eagerly awaited Coldplay concert were fraudulently sold.



INDONESIA: The Jakarta Central Metro Police recently uncovered a disturbing concert ticket scam, resulting in a staggering loss of Rp 1.3 billion (approximately US$83,876).

Commissioner Susatyo Purnomo Condro, Chief of the Central Jakarta Police, disclosed that nearly 400 tickets for the highly anticipated Coldplay concert were fraudulently sold.

This discovery has sparked an ongoing pursuit of the perpetrator by law enforcement authorities.

According to AKP Dwi Hardono, the Public Relations Officer of the Jakarta Central Metro Police, the investigation is currently underway, and efforts to apprehend the suspect are actively being developed.

“Yes, we are actively pursuing the suspect. The investigation is ongoing,” stated AKP Dwi Hardono on Thursday (16 Nov).

Further details from the police investigation indicate that the 400 tickets were acquired by five resellers from a single individual.

Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit at the Jakarta Central Metro Police, Commissioner Chandra Mata Rohansyah, explained that the victims purchased the tickets from these resellers, who, in turn, had ordered them from the alleged scammer.

“So, five resellers bought from one person. Five individuals purchased these 400 tickets from the same person,” clarified Commissioner Chandra during a phone interview.

The motives behind the scam remain unclear, as authorities are still in the process of identifying the suspect and understanding the methods employed to deceive the victims.

Commissioner Chandra assured that the police would conduct thorough interviews with both the victims and the resellers to shed light on the matter. “Currently, we are investigating where and from whom he bought the tickets, along with the associated data. We are delving into this,” he added.

The police also revealed the suspect’s modus operandi, wherein the scammer would accept orders from the public, promising to secure tickets for them. However, as the concert date approached, no tickets were provided to the buyers.

Commissioner Susatyo Purnomo Condro emphasized that the investigation is ongoing, and the police are yet to determine whether the 400 victims were duped by the same individual or multiple culprits.

In response to the escalating situation, the Criminal Investigation Unit (Satreskrim) of the Jakarta Central Metro Police, in collaboration with the Coldplay concert organizers, has established a center for individuals to report cases of fake Coldplay concert tickets or any other fraudulent activities related to ticket sales.

Both the police and the event organizers assured the public that they would thoroughly investigate cases involving ticket scams or malfunctioning barcode scans.

Prior to the police reports, a trending post on social media platform X exposed an alleged ticket scam involving a person identified as GDA. The post, shared by the account @tokoparmo, accused GDA of rotating 100 tickets to create the illusion of possessing 8000 tickets and claimed that the funds had been transferred to a bank in the Netherlands to prevent seizure and refund.

(X Platform/tokoparmo)


As the investigation unfolds, authorities are urging the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities related to Coldplay concert tickets or similar events. The police have emphasized their commitment to resolving these cases and ensuring the safety and trust of concertgoers.

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